We The People

When injustices are being plagued upon “We The People”  all should be knowledgeable of such information.  “ We The People” vote and put into offices individuals we trust, expect to be honest, true to their words and to protect all with fairness and equality.  It seems these days the brotherhood of government employees protects each other to any extent and at any cost to “We The People”.  These individuals feel that because they are appointed to protect the law, they are the law.  They do what ever it takes to protect each other from having their great names tarnished and keep each other out of the troubles they are in.  Only, they are building a pyramid of conspirators, a work of art called “Government Corruption” something we have been hearing a lot lately.  Sooner than later this pyramid will tumble and “We The People” will be responsible to re-build the government.  Hopefully it will be built with true, good, honest people.  Until this time we, must stand together and not participate in their cover-ups, letting them know, we are not blind but in fact our eyes are wide open.


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