As of this day we must all bond together in an effort to make County, State and Federal Government accountable for their cover-ups, corruption and conspiracies. This is way past due. We, as the people have the right to protect ourselves from them and their actions. There has been too much for too long and I know myself that I have been ignorant to it all until seeing first hand and having it thrown into my lap. We all play a role in this as well, as they are pulling the strings to control us and our future right under our noses. Their goals are to profit and benefit themselves and their families. There is no better time then now for us all to open our eyes. We need to get the bad apples from the barrel and discard them before they rout the rest. We can do it and we must. Let’s get the clean up going to get our country back on the right track!

Where did Liberty and Justice for All go?

Every man has equal rights, do you think so?

Do you know who the bad apples are?

Are you or someone you know being unjustly crucified?

Are you knowledgeable of something bothering your conscious?

If you can help with the corruption clean up you need to speak out. As more and more speak out our strength will grow no longer making us just anybody because We Are The People. This is our country not just theirs.


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