The Rhoades family released a written statement in response to today’s arrest:


Mary Edith Rhoades releases a dove after the dedication of the Senator James J. Rhoades Downtown

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the Pennsylvania State Police and thank them for spending the time and effort to conduct a thorough investigation that has been professionally handled from start to finish. The actions by the Pennsylvania State Police detectives, troopers, and investigators have been nothing less than exemplary. 

“Also, we would like to thank the Monroe County District Attorneys Office who, in conjunction with the State Police, have been professional, courteous, and diligent in their efforts. 

“While the general public and media outlets continued to look for a quick story and fast results, it is extremely important to remember that with any investigation thoroughness outweighs haste. 

“We want to thank the entire community for the tremendous outpouring of support, well-wishes, and prayers. This love, compassion, and support provided to us has been of tremendous assistance during this difficult time. 

“While our grief is understandable, it is difficult to describe the level of disappointment, anger, and sadness this most recent information has caused. While accidents can and do happen, this tragedy was completely avoidable. Due to a grossly malicious and reckless act, we have not only lost a husband, father, and grandfather, but on a larger scale, the community has lost a good man, a dedicated public servant, a steadfast leader, and the number one fighter for school children in the Commonwealth. 

“Because of these charges and the ongoing criminal case, this will be the Rhoades family’s last public statement regarding the accident. We thank the media and general public for respecting our privacy.”



  1. Lee said,

    March 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Mr. Senavitis is the nicest person you could meet and the best machanic. He was always willing to help people in need. I don’t understand how he can be condemed before he is tried. I thought that “you’re innocent until proven guilty” in America, but it looks like politics has a play in this case. Senator Rhoads may very well be a nice person too, but he has to obey the rule of the road the same way everyone does. You cannot go around a turning vehicle if there is on coming traffic and no room to. You have to stop or slow down because there’s on coming traffic in the other lane and patiently wait for the vehicle in front of you to complete their turn. Yes, it is sad that the senator lost his life, but you don’t take down an innocent victim as well. Research your driver’s manual and I am sure you will see that you can’t go into another lane to go around someone or something when there’s on coming traffic. I am sure Mrs. Yafa had a turn signal on. The senator had plenty of time to slow down unless he was driving too fast. Was the seed of the senator’s car calculated to see if he was driving over the speed limit? He could have been in a hurry to get to the lecture he was speaking at. If his sugar was high, then he could have gone into sugar shock and was temporarily blinded by the raise in blood sugar. It really is all mute, except that he should have never tried to go around Mrs. Yafa when he saw the other truck coming.

  2. Mark Bauer said,

    May 31, 2010 at 1:17 am

    I have evidence, a witness, that you prove the innocence of Thomas Senavitis. We were driving behind all of this, but have yet to make a statement.


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