Imagine yourself on your way home from picking your pay check up at work and the stopping to get it cash, all is well driving Southbound on SR 209 to return home with plans of going away that night for a four day weekend but as you enter onto the bridge just before the Beechwood Inn out of the blue your see the front grill of a car coming your way and slamming into you.  

The 1994 Chevrolet Silverado drive by Thomas Senavitis was not equipt with air bags and as he stated he was unsure if he had he seat belt. 

He was found lying across the floor of the truck, removed from the vehicle and put into the back of a West End Ambulance to have his injuries worked on,  from their a life flight came in a picked him up to take him to St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem.

Morning of 10-18-08 Hospital

Morning of 10-18-08 at Hospital

Surgically Placed Affixiator To Hold Bone Pieces Together

Surgically Placed Affixiator To Hold Bone Pieces Together

DA David Christine stated “with the alleged alcohol reading he should have been in a coma let alone be able to get in a motor vehicle” .  

The time of accident was about 6:30 PM on 10-17-08 and Mr. Senavitis brought to St. Luke hospital with multiple severe injuries through none of which life threatening if not operated on immediately,  he was operated on within 12 hours of the inital accident.   If Mr. Senavitis had any alcohol level protocal would have delayed the surgery until which time was safe from intoxication as the alcohol would create complications during surgery and anesthisia. 

Imagine yourself coming from anesthisia to in a hospital, being all drugged up and seeing a cage literally going through and around your leg.  Having difficulty speaking, eating and drinking due to severe injuries to the mouth go through the roof of your mouth up into the sinus passages.  

Once released home the care was constant having to continually change bandages and keep the wound clean and covered with medication which took more than one family member to do, to hold bandages from moving out of place, holding the leg up and wrapping it around all those rods, at the same time.

First Surgery Incision

First Surgery IncisionFive rods inserted into Mr. Senavitis' leg as plates were put in to hold all the bits and pieces of bone to gether as the tibia and fibia both broke and shattered into pieces.Ulcer From Injury

 Ulcers Mr. Senavitis developed on ankle and leg due to the severity of the internal damage to leg, ankle and foot.


Mr. Senavitis was severely bruised throughout his entire body, had his left elbow wripped open, several broken ribs on the left side which each rib broke in three pieces and a break in his back.

Right Arm Bruise

Right Arm Bruise

Left Elbow

Left Elbow

Facial Bruising

Facial Bruising

The second surgery on Mr. Senavitis’ leg entailed an incision on the inner side of his of his right leg the same size as on the outer side of his left when they removed the affixiator, put in another plate with screws holding bone pieces together and soft casting right away.

He went from the soft case to a hard cast and when the hard cast was removed he worn a moon boot to get used to putting his leg down for walking.  

He went from wheelchair to a walker to a moonboot, and just putting his leg through therapy and weening off the moonboot had his bail revoked in a outragous act by Carbon and Monroe County working together. 

He has not recovered from the leg and back injury and is imprison without proper medical treatment.   He is being victimized over and over in every way by the system and those controlling it.  

Also a note I would like to bring to everyone’s attention when imprisoned they were given no medical problems Mr. Senavitis was suffering but the prosection made it clear to the medical department of the prison that Mr. Senavitis needed to be medicated for withdraw in which Mr. Senavitis refused and never took.  He was seen twice a day for syptoms and a check on his withdraw and show absolutely none, never went through withdraw like the prosection was trying to get documented to make him out to be such a damage to himself and society and a alcoholic that could live without it.  

How much does one person have to endore especially when they are innocent.  He has been proven guilty without a chance to prove his innocense .   Every right has been taken from this man and the abuse continues daily for him.



  1. Denise said,

    December 7, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Amagine yourself waking up 6:30am on Oct, 18 the next morning, to here your boyfriend yelling ” Tom’s been in a bad accident” throwing the newspaper at you.When you turn the TV on every channel is covering the story. Then you wonder why your family never called to inform you of the accident, so you call them, not knowing that you are the one that had just broke the news to his daughter and wife. 12 hours after the accident,not one person from the hospital or the police department had called or inform the family of the accident. When you arrive at the hospital to see him as he’s just waking up the first question you ask him “Do you remember anything that happened” and he say’s” ya the car came in my lane.” Now remember no one has told him nothing and he can only remember a car coming in his lane.

  2. otis said,

    April 3, 2010 at 4:54 pm


  3. john piriczky said,

    April 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    senavitis– can blood alcohol levels raise by exposure to ethanol 10% solution – through breathing or blood contact ?

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