• February 18, 2011

Recently, the District Attorney has taken a new interest in the summary offenses originally charged in Mr. Senavitis’ case whereas he had been acquitted of vehicular homicide and several other charges in March of 2010 stemming from the motor vehicle accident in which PA State Senator James Rhoades lost his life.

These summary offenses are as a result of the Fern Ridge State Police investigation and their reconstruction of this accident.
President Judge Ronald Vican heard this case as AD Colleen Mancuso prosecuted it. Corporal Shook and PA State Trooper Beers were the witnesses for the Commonwealth as to the authenticity of the Reconstruction Report filed by them.

It was demonstrated and proven that the Fern Ridge State Police Reconstruction Report was completely incorrect and physically impossible, it defied the laws of physics.

KEVIN R THERIAULT of Crash and Safety out of Virginia reconstructed the accident using the same evidence the State Police had and evidence they felt was necessary to use and came up with the proper reconstruction and only physically possible one.

It was obvious at the time Judge Ronald Vican and AD Colleen Mancuso were completely stunned by the verdict as well as the Rhoades’ family.

Several months have passed, Mr. Senavitis was sentenced and now the District Attorney wants Mr. Senavitis charged with the summary offenses.

It is believed that the new interest in the summary offenses is as a result of the Rhoades family pushing the issue with the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney recently requested a conference with the Judge which has already been held. The question arose whether or not the court still has the power to act on those summary offenses. That legal question is being researched at this moment. The Judge at this meeting gave every indication that he intends to find Mr. Senavitis guilty of most of them. “BIG SURPRISE.”

My question would be if Mr. Senavitis was acquitted of the cause of this accident and Yamila Yafar and Senator Rhoades himself direct cause “Where are the charges on them?”

The Rhoades family needs this as they are pulling strings for their law suits against Yamila Yafar, Mr. Senavitis and Mrs. Senavitis.

Mrs. Rhoades after the trial stated when asked how she felt about the verdict was “I respect their decision”.

Sorry Mrs. Rhoades this is not respecting their decision or the fact everyone is or should be treated equally, with respect no matter what come before their name if anything.

Throughout this case Mrs. Rhoades all you have heard is the late great Senator James Rhoades and that because of who he is and his background he could make no error.

Mr. Rhoades made an error that evening and instead of admitting he is not perfect as no one is you continue to punished an innocent family as much as you can.

I ask myself what is going on in the Secret Society of our Government and will the people ever be free of it?



  1. Ron Hannivig said,

    March 10, 2011 at 1:41 am

    From: Court Watcher Ron Hannivig
    To: Members of the Media


    Awaiting documents … sent via snail-mail late this afternoon from Effort/Monroe County, PA – concerning additional criminal action taken by the Monroe County District Attorney intended to again incarcerate Thomas Senavitis on loose-ends left over from his jury trial.

    A jury trial – in which he was soundly acquitted of being responsible for the death of PA Senator J.J. Rhoades.

    Notification – of Tom Senavitis’ current situation came by way of a letter mailed to him last month by Monroe County’s Chief Public Defender Wieslaw Niemoczynski.

  2. anonymous said,

    March 10, 2011 at 2:04 am

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! Will the Kangaroo Court Circus never end?? Elephants! Lions! Tigers! And poodles dressed in little skirts jumping through hoops. What’s wrong with the Rhoades family? Are they totally INSANE or just completely corrupt? Your guess is as good as mine. This is just a sampling of the antics committed by Pennsylvania’s political gang of thugs ….. commandeering the cops to beat up an innocent woman, putting out the word to the medical establishment to refuse treatment to a severely injured man, wrongful imprisonment, perjury, a sorely mangled accident reconstruction report. When will the liars step forward and confess?? “He smelled like a brewery” … stated by two witnesses for the prosecution: Golab and the helicopter medical aide. Guess what: They were overheard conspiring with each other at the courthouse as to the exact wording they would use to convince the jury that Mr. Senavitis was driving drunk. The fact is, the blood used for the lab testing was obtained days after the accident …. not the blood sample that was taken immediately by EMTs at the crash site. Before arriving at the lab for testing, the blood sample made the rounds, rather than being taken directly to the lab. Why??? How many cops does it take to corrupt an accident report? How many people must be threatened or bribed to lie to the jury to get a wrongful DUI conviction? It’s my guess that somebody was driving drunk —- that it wasn’t Mr. Senavitis — but rather James Rhoades. I guess politicians and their families will do anything to protect their financial assets. or is that asses??

  3. Mel said,

    March 28, 2011 at 12:00 am

    I’m no lawyer. Don’t Legal-Beagles warn “Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse!”
    Citing Judge Vican, when A.D.A. Colleen Mancuso coerced Senavitis to abandon pro se defense, his constitutional right (Rule ???,) was that legal?
    Is Judge Vican violating Canon 2? Or only Judge Pazuhanich? Does PA law require official do Rhoades’ family’s dirty work? To conduct their vendettas?

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