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This comment was submitted and the author asked not to be revealed but asked to have it published.

Where are the witnesses?? Mr. Senavitis’s legal counsel has stated to “people-who-are-interested-in-the-truth- about-this-accident” that there are no witnesses to testify for Mr. Senavitis. In the TV news coverage videos there are approximately 20 people who were at the scene of the accident early enough to definitely testify that they saw that the senator’s car was in the southbound lane and that Mr. Senavitis’s truck had not left his lane. Additionally, the photographs of the police investigation marks on the road the next day attest to that fact. Mrs. Rhoades obviously was a witness to the accident in which her husband crossed the double yellow line and slammed into Mr. Senavitis’s truck.

The Rhoades family has political connections and financial influence over the state police [especially Captain James Murtin, their neighbor who declared Senavitis guilty on TV], the Emergency Crews, and the Fire Department. They also have influence over Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Tom Corbett, who should have launched an investigation into this accident — and didn’t. I spoke face-to-face with Tom Corbett about this accident. He appears to be a member of the Monroe County/Carbon County Judicial Mafia.

Yamila Yafar’s child is identified as being the child of Aaron Steinmetz. Interestingly, a couple of years back Robert Steinmetz was driving while drunk on a back road near the Chestnuthill Diner. He slammed into Grace Marks, a long-time staff member for the senatorial office just across from the Chestnuthill Diner. Mrs. Marks was life-flighted to the hospital. Mr. Steinmetz was not cited by the police. Why had they not cited and arrested Mr. Steinmetz for causing an accident while driving drunk?? Just 11 days after that accident, Mr. Steinmetz was again involved in an accident while driving drunk. He and the other driver were listed in critical condition. Later I was told that the other driver was in a coma. At this writing, I do not know the condition of either driver … or whether either of them has died from that accident. It appears that members of the Steinmetz family are exempt from being cited for their wrongful vehicular actions … which is further supported by the police failing to cite Yamila Yafar for her reported part in the accident on Route 209 near the Beechwood Inn.

It does appear that Ms. Yafar had gone to Debby York’s magisterial court in an attempt to testify to the truth. She was turned away at the door by District Attorney E. David Christine, Jr. and Officer Jason Beers. They were going to get a conviction against Tom Senavitis — and nobody was going to interfere with their plan with any distracting truthful testimony from a driver who was involved in that accident. Ms. Yafar has been reported making a statement that she is doing what she has to do for her children. Was she threatened or bribed??

District attorneys and judges run their political campaigns on promises to “get tough with crime”. It’s obvious that the true criminals in this incident are: Captain James Murtin and his bully cops who beat up women and fabricate accident reports; Sheriff Nothstein and his deputies who shove women down courthouse stairs; Probation Officer Fittos who finagled a breathalyzer device and then “reported” that Mr. Senavitis was drunk, and then in conjunction with Deputy Blissard committed perjury before Judge Vican; Judge Vican who listened to obviously perjured testimony and then illegally revoked Mr. Senavitis’s bail; Debby York who spent a great deal of time in a back room before Tom Senavitis’s hearing, denied him his right to proceed pro se under threat of being sent to jail if he didn’t go to the public defender office, and bound the case over to trial with only the support of perjured testimony and irrelevant photos; Officer Beers who committed perjury and used irrelevant photographs to bring charges against Mr. Senavitis; Assistant District Attorney Colleen Mancuso who is intent on getting a wrongful conviction against an innocent man and is fast becoming Monroe County’s “go-to person”; Carbon County’s district attorney for actually pursuing a malicious prosecution against Mrs. Senavitis when it is all too obvious that she was attacked by Officer Weller the body-builder woman assaulter and then assaulted again in the courthouse itself in a deputy-rumble consisting of a number of Sheriff Nothstein’s deputies running down the courthouse stairs from the third floor to the second floor in their obviously planned and choreographed stunt of legal abuse against Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis.

And poor Mrs. Rhoades … she and her “made of money” son-in-law Christopher Hobbs, Esq. must be wracking their brains wondering how much more money they’ll have to spend to buy perjured testimony and pay off people to shut up, or send them to Florida.

Imagine, Senator James Rhoades was on the Committee For Law And Justice.

Hmmmmm … what does that tell you about politics in Pennsylvania??? We the tax-payers are working ourselves to death so we can keep our politicians in their cushy offices with their big salaries, pension plans, state vehicles, medical insurance, postage allowance, staff members, etc. And don’t forget the judges, we pay big so they can have their cushy lifestyles and legally abuse people — especially juveniles and the disabled.

And we just sit there and take it. When are we going to get off our duffs and say enough is enough??

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”??? You gotta be kidding!!!!


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