On October 17, 2008 in Gilbert, PA just around 6:30 was a tragic motor vehicle accident involving a high profile Senator, this Senator was James J. Rhoades who passed away due to his injuries the next morning.
Mr. Senavitis was eventually arrested for vehicular homicide while DUI over 4 times the legal limit as well as over a dozen other charges.

ADA Colleen Mancuso prosecuted this case in trial on March 10, 2010 whereas in the questioning of the Commonwealth’s witness, Corporal Douglas Shook, he was questioned on the whereabouts and inspection of the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis.

In the court documents Corporal Shook testifies that a search warrant was obtained and an inspection of the vehicle was done by him on Halloween of 2008.

The inspection entails documenting and photographing damage points of the vehicle and an actual state inspection.

The search warrant also enables them to go inside the vehicles to inspect and gather evidence.
Direct from the trial:

Ms. Mancuso “Did you find anything unusual on the inside of the vehicle?”

Corporal Shook “The only thing that was surprising to me is there was actually still an odor of an alcoholic beverage inside the passenger compartment.

Ms. Mancuso “Was there anything else?”

Corporal Shook “There were beers cans in there. That is not necessarily uncommon with the crashes I get called out for. The odor of the alcoholic beverages still being in there was surprising. Usually it dissipates by then.”

PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE Supplemental Investigation Report:

Now, on February 17, 2010 (23 days before trial), this Trooper (Jason Beers) executed a search warrant on the truck that was operated by SENAVITIS. Four(4) empty twelve(12) ounce cans of BUSCH beer were recovered from the passenger compartment of the truck and placed into evidence under property number N3-4982(M).
It’s clearly documented and testified to that the pickup truck driven by Mr. Senavitis was inspected with a fine tooth comb on Halloween of 2008 with an obtained search warrant and the state police document everything about that vehicle and photographed it vehicle inside and out.

I believe it is protocol to photograph evidence in its found location before moving it for proper documentation.

Then they get another search warrant 23 days before trial on February 17, 2010 and this is when they come up with these cans of beer to bring up into evidence.

Upon receipt of this new discovery by defense and brought to Mr. Senavitis’ attention he informed defense counsel there were no beer cans in the cab of his truck and he needed to review that evidence for born on dates that the cans document.

Needless to say prosecution made sure these cans of beer in the cab of the truck were brought up in the trial, but the physical evidence of these cans were never viewed.

Why weren’t they found and photographed in their complete inspection of the pickup truck Halloween of 2008?
If they were there then I am sure there would have been several other initial charges on Mr. Senavitis in their scramble for charging this man for as much as they could to make him seem guilty.

Mr. Senavitis’ family reviewed the pickup and photographs the entire vehicle the day after the accident October 18, 2008 and there are no beer cans in any of their photos.

And, even though the Rhoades family and the court has been portraying them to be dumb rednecks I am sure if there were cans at the time the family inspected the vehicle and got personal items out they would have been smart enough to take out any beer cans. They didn’t because there wasn’t any.

To see full stream of photos by the Senavitis family go to:



• February 18, 2011

Recently, the District Attorney has taken a new interest in the summary offenses originally charged in Mr. Senavitis’ case whereas he had been acquitted of vehicular homicide and several other charges in March of 2010 stemming from the motor vehicle accident in which PA State Senator James Rhoades lost his life.

These summary offenses are as a result of the Fern Ridge State Police investigation and their reconstruction of this accident.
President Judge Ronald Vican heard this case as AD Colleen Mancuso prosecuted it. Corporal Shook and PA State Trooper Beers were the witnesses for the Commonwealth as to the authenticity of the Reconstruction Report filed by them.

It was demonstrated and proven that the Fern Ridge State Police Reconstruction Report was completely incorrect and physically impossible, it defied the laws of physics.

KEVIN R THERIAULT of Crash and Safety out of Virginia reconstructed the accident using the same evidence the State Police had and evidence they felt was necessary to use and came up with the proper reconstruction and only physically possible one.

It was obvious at the time Judge Ronald Vican and AD Colleen Mancuso were completely stunned by the verdict as well as the Rhoades’ family.

Several months have passed, Mr. Senavitis was sentenced and now the District Attorney wants Mr. Senavitis charged with the summary offenses.

It is believed that the new interest in the summary offenses is as a result of the Rhoades family pushing the issue with the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney recently requested a conference with the Judge which has already been held. The question arose whether or not the court still has the power to act on those summary offenses. That legal question is being researched at this moment. The Judge at this meeting gave every indication that he intends to find Mr. Senavitis guilty of most of them. “BIG SURPRISE.”

My question would be if Mr. Senavitis was acquitted of the cause of this accident and Yamila Yafar and Senator Rhoades himself direct cause “Where are the charges on them?”

The Rhoades family needs this as they are pulling strings for their law suits against Yamila Yafar, Mr. Senavitis and Mrs. Senavitis.

Mrs. Rhoades after the trial stated when asked how she felt about the verdict was “I respect their decision”.

Sorry Mrs. Rhoades this is not respecting their decision or the fact everyone is or should be treated equally, with respect no matter what come before their name if anything.

Throughout this case Mrs. Rhoades all you have heard is the late great Senator James Rhoades and that because of who he is and his background he could make no error.

Mr. Rhoades made an error that evening and instead of admitting he is not perfect as no one is you continue to punished an innocent family as much as you can.

I ask myself what is going on in the Secret Society of our Government and will the people ever be free of it?



I would like to bring to  your attention several things the first is that in this video the truck (Unit 1) has already been moved off of the front of the Cadillac (Unit 2) onto the double yellow lines which place it completely in its own lane southbound. 

Secondly the only evidence brought before Magistrate Debby York by the Prosecution were three things

1. The Police Crash Report done by Fern Ridge State Police, signed and sworn to by Trooper Jason Beers.

2. The Corner’s Report proving Senator James Rhoades was deceased and died from blunt force trauma to the chest causing internal bleeding due to a motor vehicle accident.

3. Their blood alcohol evidence on Mr. Senavitis from blood at the hospital.

How this was enough relevant evidence after the three months the Prosecution had for Magistrate Debby York to have the charges against Mr. Senavitis to go forward is ridiculous.

Ms. Yamila Yafar showed up to this preliminary hearing and as you see in this video as soon as she started walking to the courthouse doors DA David Christine and Trooper Jason Beers snagged her moving her away and talking to her.  She then abruptly left the Courthouse never going in testify.

DA David Christine during the hearing after the three pieces of evidence stated above were revealed turned to ADA Colleen Mancuso for more evidence and she had stated that was all they had.



The Rhoades family released a written statement in response to today’s arrest:


Mary Edith Rhoades releases a dove after the dedication of the Senator James J. Rhoades Downtown

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the Pennsylvania State Police and thank them for spending the time and effort to conduct a thorough investigation that has been professionally handled from start to finish. The actions by the Pennsylvania State Police detectives, troopers, and investigators have been nothing less than exemplary. 

“Also, we would like to thank the Monroe County District Attorneys Office who, in conjunction with the State Police, have been professional, courteous, and diligent in their efforts. 

“While the general public and media outlets continued to look for a quick story and fast results, it is extremely important to remember that with any investigation thoroughness outweighs haste. 

“We want to thank the entire community for the tremendous outpouring of support, well-wishes, and prayers. This love, compassion, and support provided to us has been of tremendous assistance during this difficult time. 

“While our grief is understandable, it is difficult to describe the level of disappointment, anger, and sadness this most recent information has caused. While accidents can and do happen, this tragedy was completely avoidable. Due to a grossly malicious and reckless act, we have not only lost a husband, father, and grandfather, but on a larger scale, the community has lost a good man, a dedicated public servant, a steadfast leader, and the number one fighter for school children in the Commonwealth. 

“Because of these charges and the ongoing criminal case, this will be the Rhoades family’s last public statement regarding the accident. We thank the media and general public for respecting our privacy.”


Thomas Senavitis is in jail after his bail was revoked

On May 23, 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis were at the Carbon County Courthouse for charges on Mrs. Senavitis consisting of assaulting family members, police officer and others.  This issue we will get into later as you won’t believe exactly how far they have gone to make Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis the Bonnie and Clyde of this century.

Right now we will focus on the Bail Revocation of Mr. Senavitis, what occurred at the Carbon County Courthouse, the hearing in front of President Judge Vican in Monroe County Courthouse, and what was and was not part of his bail stipulations.   What you know is what the Judiciary System tells the media which is their side of what they want you to think and an ironey of this whole thing is this is the second ambush on Mr. Senavitis and both time the media where there.  As a matter of fact they were in the door of the Carbon County Courthouse when the Senavitis’ entered getting right up into them and none of them had claim to smell an alcoholic beverage on Mr. Senavitis.

With 14 fails charges against Mr. Senavitis to protect the fact Mr. Rhoades entered his lane and slammed into him, Mr. Senavitis was out on $25,000 bail.


Homicide by Vehicle/DUI                  F2

AGG Assault by Veh/DUI                 F2

AGG Assault by Veh/DUI                 F2

Homicide by Vehicle                          F3

DUI/Unsafe Driving                           M

Recklessly Endangering                      M2

Recklessly Endangering                      M2

Recklessly Endangering          `           M2

Recklessly Endangering                      M2

Driving On Right Side of Road         S

Driving Within Lane                           S

Careless Driving                                  S

Reckless Driving                                 S


Driving On Right Side of Roadway   S

Driving Within Lane                           S

Careless Driving                                  S

Reckless Driving                                 S

They can’t justify the first 14 counts but they keep added more now how do they justify adding 4 more counts.  It is obvious, those that are to protect the laws feel they are the laws.

May 23, 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis standing in the hallway on the second floor of the Carbon County Courthouse along with well over 100 other people.  I would say the distance across the hallway is no more than 6 or 7 feet with people lined up on both sides.

The Senavitis’ were stand near the DA’s Office door talking with each other.  There were two Sheriff Deputies one at each end of the long hallway, one being Carbon County Sheriff Robert Blisard.   At no time was Sheriff Robert Blisard or the other Sheriff anywhere near Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis.

Just to the left of the DA’s Office are stairways leading up and down.  Several taking notice to three officials topping the stairs coming up, Sheriff Robert Blisard, another Sheriff and Carbon County Probation Officer Juliette Fittos, Fittos carrying two items one in each hand.

They approached Mr. Senavitis one on each side and said “Mr. Senavitis come with us.”

Mrs. Senavitis confused about what was going on beings they were there for her asked what was going on as they walked Mr. Senavitis arm and arm into the DA’s Office telling her she can’t enter, Mrs. Senavitis spoke out to those around them to please watch and witness what is going on here, we are here for me not him.  They then pushed the door shut into her and obviously didn’t like the fact she spoke out to the others.

After a while Mr. Senavitis came out of the DA’s Office and told Mrs. Senavitis, did you know I’m drunk again, I failed their breathalyzer.

Mrs. Senavitis suffers severe anxiety and panic attacks and was asking her husband to get her medicine, as he was walking away the two Sheriff’s then focus on Mrs. Senavitis grabbing her and pulling her further down the hallway.  As these two Sheriffs stood directly in her face she kept asking them to step back so she could breath she was having an attack and trying to get air.  The Carbon County Probation Officer Juliette Fittos joined them in surrounding her and standing in her face.

Then grabbing her, swinging her around to cuffing her then shoving her down the hall and stairs.  Mrs. Senavitis disable with serious injuries to her back, neck, broken clavicle as well as a slight limp from these injuries having difficulty with going down steps, as she was not moving fast enough for them and them pulling and pushing her down the steps yelling at her to was Mrs. Senavitis kept explaining she was stop shoving me they still continued to.  Mrs. Senavitis was arrested for the second time and thrown in Carbon County Prison.

When Mr. Senavitis was in the DA’s Office with the Sheriffs and Probation Officer Juliette Fittos he noted that there were two breathalyzers one that was in a box and the other was not and seeming dirty.

Probation Officer Juliette Fittos was the one who performed the test on Mr. Senavitis but had to ask the Sheriffs which one they wanted her to use, they used the one which was not box.  Mr. Senavitis found that Officer Fittos was having difficulty in using it like she did not know how, yet you must be Certified to use and perform these test as well as the breathalyzer being recalculated constantly.   To Officer Fittos amazement the numbers did not start rising until it was away from Mr. Senavitis for a bit.   Then they show him their numbers and inform him he is drunk and can’t drive or will be arrested.

Six people that had been standing directly around Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis in the hallway of the Courthouse as well as having a smoke outside talking directly to Mr. Senavitis, none of them who had ever heard of him or met him before gave their names and information to be witnesses to the actions that had occurred to them on May 23, 2009 in Carbon County.

Mr. Senavitis later notified by mail DA David Christine and ADA Colleen Mancuso filed for Bail Revocation for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of course the Rhoades family vengeance.

June 1, 2009 Mr. Senavitis shows for his Bail Revocation hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse to be seen in front of President Judge Ronald Vican.

ADA Colleen Mancuso made sure at the being of the trial to announce and make everyone aware that Mrs. Mary Edith Rhoades was present accompanied by family member for her support to see justice be done.

Carbon County Sheriff Robert Blisard testified on the stand under oath Mr. Senavitis was not swaying, slurring or showing signs of intoxication.  Yet from all the way down the long hallway he detected an intoxicating odor on his breath.  He was asked on the stand if the intoxicating odor on Mr. Senavitis’ breath was beer, Blisard stated “an intoxicating beverage”, he was asked was it wine Blisard stated “an intoxicating beverage” he was then ask was it whiskey again Blisard stated “ an intoxicating beverage”.

Carbon County Probation Officer Juliette Fittos on the stand under oath stated she administered the breathalyzer test to Mr. Senavitis and he blew a .102 and .08 is legally intoxicated.  She had stated their only concern with the whole thing was their concern that Mr. Senavitis did not drive.    In the DA’S Office he did tell them he drove to the Courthouse.

Also in testifying for the prosecution both Sheriff Robert Blisard and Carbon County Probation Officer Juliette Fittos swore under oath they did not know Mr. Senavitis yet when they approached him they said “Mr. Senavitis come with us” but they had no idea who he was.

Also note that Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis both entered the Carbon County Courthouse with nothing on them other than keys, all their belonging had been lock in their trunk.  Neither of had any ID on them and they never asked Mr. Senavitis for ID at any time before or after they took him in.  They absolutely knew who he was and what they were doing.

Two witnesses that had been subpoenaed for the defense were there along with two that had not been subpoenaed appeared at the Monroe County Courthouse for the Bail Revocation hearing.

The two defense witnesses had taken the stand got sworn in and both testified that they were standing very close to Mr. Senavitis awaiting conferences that morning.  Both men said they could not detect the odor of alcohol on his breath, nor did they see him stagger or act intoxicated in any way.

ADA Colleen Mancuso stood before the President Judge Vican giving her closing argument urging the bail be revoked as she stated Mr. Senavitis is a danger to himself as well as society.

The entire time during this hearing it was noticeable to most in attendance that President Judge Ronald Vican was doing an awful lot of rolling his eyes and closing them.  Was he actually paying attention to anything or was this already pre set up to conclude in the revocation of bail making all testimony just a waste of time waiting to give his revocation sentence.

Before President Judge Ronald Vican even started to give his judgement and while ADA Colleen Mancuso was still speaking a sheriff sitting in on the hearing called in for back up to take Mr. Senavitis away.  They stood behind him one on each side before Judge Vican condemned him back to prison with cuffs out and ready to go.



Did Mr. Senavitis break his bail restrictions, what were they, were they added restrictions, how about we get to that.


These are the conditions of release you must comply with if you are to be/remain bonded from jail:

–          You must check in by telephone once a week, Monday thru Friday, during normal

Business hours at

–          You must check in personally every week, Monday thru Friday, during normal

business hours at

–          You must notify us of any changes of your address, job, phone numbers or court


–          You must obtain our permission to leave town, county and/or state.

–          You must sign a Waiver of Extradition form.  If you fail to appear at your court date and flee the state. You give up your right to have an extradition hearing before a judge and agree to be transported to THE STATE IN WHICH YOU FLED FROM PROSECUTION upon your capture.

–          You must commit no additional acts which may result in your re-arrest.

–          Call is with questions and/or concerns.  We have a licensed bondsman on the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

–          Additional conditions:____________________________________________

Failure to comply with these conditions of release shall be grounds to revoke your bond and to re-arrest and surrender you to proper authorities.

These were the conditions to Mr. Senavitis’ release, there was no further conditions by the courts as they continue to say he broke the conditions of his bail.

Claiming he was    NOT TO DRIVE


These were not condition of his bail, but was requested to make them part to re-instate his bail.All the proof of this had been sent to the Judges, news media and newspapers.  To this date they have refused to make corrections in their reporting setting him back out on his bail and the Judge and Prosecution has taken all of  Mr. Senavitis’ rights away to satisfy their cover-up, corruption and conspiracy in this matter.

An appeal was made on Judge Vican’s decision and asked to add these extra conditions to his bail as it wasn’t part of the initial bail and that Mr. Senavitis is still in need of serious medical attention and President Judge Vican denied it again.  Mrs. Colleen Mancuso stated once again his threat and there was no was for her to keep checking on Mr. Senavitis to see if he keeps his word.

Mrs. Colleen Mancuso and President Judge Vican are not keeping the word.  The took oaths which includes fairness and equality to all.  A person is innocent until proven guilty as stated before he has always been guilty to this system no matter what, he has no chance for fairness as it was Senator Rhoades that died and not him. Senator Rhoades  caused the accident going around Yamile Yafar but he is to great of a person to be wrong in anyway so blame someone else.  Here though if Yamila Yafar is show at fault for anything it just proves Mr. Rhoades crossed into Mr. Senavitis.  So of course everything is Mr. Senavitis’ fault.  They have to put the blame somewhere to protect Senator Rhoades.

I believe if Senator James Rhoades was really the great man everyone thinks he is he is turning over in his grave right now seeing what his family and the “bigwig” are all doing.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BAIL:  It is for suspects not proven guilty yet, pending further investigation and trial.  They may be free as long as they make their court appearance, do not committing further offenses or interfere with witnesses.

Mr. Senavitis’s guilt so far have been being an honest person telling them he drove and telling them yes he did have three beers the night before at home.  Again, none of which was any part of his bail conditions.

For those who still don’t think something stinks with the accident of October 17, 2008 with Senator J. Rhoades, Mary Edith Rhoades, Mr. Senavitis, Yamila Yafar and her infant and all the incident the Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis have gone through since that evening GOD HELP YOU  if you find yourself standing in shoes like they are now.


Yamila Yafar, the driver of the Ford Windstar minivan that was involved in the fatal accident that would claim the life of Pa. Sen. James Rhoades, talks to Monroe County District Attorney David Christine p

Vehicle #3 Minivan Yamila Yafar

Praise Yamila Yafar State Police Captain James Murtin did. He actually applauded her for a forbidden maneuver.

Not even a slap on the hand for committing several traffic violations, endangerment of a child [her own] , being a cause in a fatal accident and just outright ignorant in her actions.

At first it had been said she pulled over to attend her child and had also called 911 after the accident.  Then it went to and stayed to she pulled onto the bridge [an elevated structure, short and narrow] with adequately placed potential danger hazard signs to use her cell phone.  This call must have been life or death for Yamila Yafar because it was for Mr. Rhoades and in actuality for the rest involved including their families.  The Police Report states she never put her vehicle in park.  Was she actually pulled over or still in the act of?  Mr. Rhoades was late for his great award ceremony at Pleasant Valley School, he did secure them $100,000 for renovations for their stadium [football].

Yamila Yafar pulled in at Magistrate Debby York’s Courtroom Building while we were standing outside.  As she walked towards the building Yamila Yafar was approached by State Trooper Beers and County District Attorney David Christine.  They had a short conversation with Yamila Yafar then quickly sent her away. This incident was caught by Channel 16 WNEP who did air this action and the reporters which did publish a picture of them speaking outside.

Testifying under oath Officer Beers couldn’t recall specifics about the third vehicle or driver.  Without her presence there she was not available to testify for the Commonwealth which meant she wouldn’t be cross examined.  Convenient!