The PA State Police Report it indicates that “On 10-27-08 at 1111 hours, I interviewed the passenger of Unit 2 (Mrs. Rhoades). She states the last thing she remembered was Operator 2 (Mr. Rhoades) shouting something like “hold on” or “watch out”. She stated the next thing she remembered was seeing the headlights coming at her in the northbound lane. She stated the headlights looked to be higher than unit 2 (Cadillac driven by Mr. Rhoades). She stated she then felt the impact of the crash.”

Mrs. Rhoades trial testimony as follows “I remember it was dark and I just remember asking him how far it is. I was not familiar with that immediate area, so I just asked him how far it was and he said Oh, we are just about there. He said five minutes or so and that was the last thing he said. And the crash was right there. I remember him – – I remember talking. He had said that and all of a sudden he screamed. He left a scream out. And I had looked and I saw a light coming from – – it came this way. And I saw the, I guess it would be the – – the head light on the driver’s side first as it came right – – and all I could think of was it is high. And I didn’t know it was the truck at the time, but it was high. And I saw it come over this was. And then there was a crash.”

ADA Colleen Mancuso then questioned her “So you saw the light of the vehicle at that time coming towards you, you believe at an angle?”

Mrs. Rhoades responded “Yes, it was.”

As per Mr. Senavitis’ detailed recollection of the accident he indicates that he was driving southbound on SR 209 in Gilbert on the bridge at the Beechwood Inn when a vehicle traveling northbound suddenly shot over into the southbound lane (his lane of travel). He immediately hit the brakes real hard and impact occurred simultaneously.

Mr. Senavitis also recollects that he was actually looking down at the passenger of the vehicle and seeing a light, the light he thought could have only come from a headlight. But if he is looking down at the passenger (Mrs. Rhoades) and seeing the light it had to have been coming from inside the vehicle.

Taken fact Mrs. Rhoades questions Mr. Rhoades on how much further it was, the GPS in their vehicle is located middle lower portion of the dashboard as indicated in this photo, it is appropriate to assess that Mr. Rhoades at that time took a peek at the GPS to see just how long it would be and as he looked back up at the roadway was the time the minivan (driven by Yamila Yafar) off to his right by the shoulder of the road began to enter back on the northbound lane of travel in front of him.

This makes complete probability when all statements including witness statements and the reconstruction of the accident to have occurred in this way.



• February 18, 2011

Recently, the District Attorney has taken a new interest in the summary offenses originally charged in Mr. Senavitis’ case whereas he had been acquitted of vehicular homicide and several other charges in March of 2010 stemming from the motor vehicle accident in which PA State Senator James Rhoades lost his life.

These summary offenses are as a result of the Fern Ridge State Police investigation and their reconstruction of this accident.
President Judge Ronald Vican heard this case as AD Colleen Mancuso prosecuted it. Corporal Shook and PA State Trooper Beers were the witnesses for the Commonwealth as to the authenticity of the Reconstruction Report filed by them.

It was demonstrated and proven that the Fern Ridge State Police Reconstruction Report was completely incorrect and physically impossible, it defied the laws of physics.

KEVIN R THERIAULT of Crash and Safety out of Virginia reconstructed the accident using the same evidence the State Police had and evidence they felt was necessary to use and came up with the proper reconstruction and only physically possible one.

It was obvious at the time Judge Ronald Vican and AD Colleen Mancuso were completely stunned by the verdict as well as the Rhoades’ family.

Several months have passed, Mr. Senavitis was sentenced and now the District Attorney wants Mr. Senavitis charged with the summary offenses.

It is believed that the new interest in the summary offenses is as a result of the Rhoades family pushing the issue with the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney recently requested a conference with the Judge which has already been held. The question arose whether or not the court still has the power to act on those summary offenses. That legal question is being researched at this moment. The Judge at this meeting gave every indication that he intends to find Mr. Senavitis guilty of most of them. “BIG SURPRISE.”

My question would be if Mr. Senavitis was acquitted of the cause of this accident and Yamila Yafar and Senator Rhoades himself direct cause “Where are the charges on them?”

The Rhoades family needs this as they are pulling strings for their law suits against Yamila Yafar, Mr. Senavitis and Mrs. Senavitis.

Mrs. Rhoades after the trial stated when asked how she felt about the verdict was “I respect their decision”.

Sorry Mrs. Rhoades this is not respecting their decision or the fact everyone is or should be treated equally, with respect no matter what come before their name if anything.

Throughout this case Mrs. Rhoades all you have heard is the late great Senator James Rhoades and that because of who he is and his background he could make no error.

Mr. Rhoades made an error that evening and instead of admitting he is not perfect as no one is you continue to punished an innocent family as much as you can.

I ask myself what is going on in the Secret Society of our Government and will the people ever be free of it?


February 18, 2011


On October 17, 2008, PA State Senator James Rhoades was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Route 209 in Broadheadsville, PA whereas he passed away and his wife Edith Mary Rhoades was his passenger also severely injured.
Mr. Senavitis was driving the oncoming vehicle in this accident and was also severely injured in this motor vehicle. Mr. Senavitis was charge in this accident for cause and death of Senator Rhoades while intoxicated at 4X’s the legal limit as well as numerous other charges.

Yamila Yafar, the third vehicle involved was pulled on the shoulder of the road in which Senator Rhoades went around this vehicle then struck Mr. Senavitis in the oncoming lane sliding backwards hitting Ms. Yafar’s minivan.

Mr. Senavitis was imprisoned for this accident until put on trial in March of 2010 in which he was cleared of causing the accident and the death of State Senator James Rhoades but guilty of DUI and reckless endangerment which was appealed thereafter. He had spent 10 months in prison.

After the trial acquittal of Mr. Senavitis and the Rhoades and their defense claiming Yamila Yafar had no wrong doing or involvement in causing this accident the Rhoades family is now slinging law suits claiming differently.
Rhoades Family Law suits:

Mr. Senavitis for negligence in the manner in which he operated THE vehicle.

Ms. Yamila Yafar for negligence in causing this accident.

Then a third suit against Mrs. Senavitis for negligence in entrusting the vehicle to her husband.
Mr. Senavitis was driving a pick-up truck titled in Mrs. Senavitis’ name.

These are the law suits we are knowledgeable by the Rhoades family which were filed after the trial.

The week after the accident Mr. Senavitis had already obtained a lawyer for the accident knowing fully he was the victim of this accident and that Nationwide Insurance the carrier for Senator Rhoades was pushing for an immediate settlement on the vehicle and Mr. Senavitis’ injuries without the need for him to have an attorney.

One week prior to the trial Mr. Senavitis’ attorney pulled himself for representing Mr. Senavitis in this matter.
As for Yamila Yafar we have no information on her suits against any party other than he had already by compensated for her vehicle by Mr. Senavitis’ insurance company.

Mr. Senavitis’ insurance company reimbursed Yafar and Senator Rhoades for their vehicles after the accident as they were obligated by the Police Report and their Accident Reconstruction.

Mr. Senavitis has yet to be reimbursed for anything even after being acquitted.



I would like to state that Mr. Senavitis the accused of killing Senator James Rhoades went to trial for this in March 2010 and was acquited of the vehicular homicide as he did not cause the accident but infact the Senator himself was at fault for the accident which caused his own death.

Mr. Senavitis was guilty before proven innoccent and then proven innoccent by a jury only to remain guilty as you will see reading this House Bill No.2614 Session of 2010, as of June 18, 2010.

Special attention to (6) states HE WAS KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER.
(6) Rhoades died at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown
a day after being injured in an automobile accident near
Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, in Monroe County. He was killed
by a drunk driver.


REFERRED TO COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION, JUNE 28, 2010 AN ACT Designating the State Street (SR4028) Bridge over the Schuylkill
River in Hamburg Borough and Tilden Township, Berks County,
as the Senator Jim Rhoades Memorial Bridge.

The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
hereby enacts as follows:
Section 1. Senator Jim Rhoades Memorial Bridge.

(a) Findings.–The General Assembly finds and declares as follows:(1) James J. Rhoades was a Republican member of the Pennsylvania Senate who represented the 29th Senatorial
District from 1980 until his untimely death on October 18,
2008, at the age of 66. At the time of his death, he was
running for his eighth term in the Senate.

(2) Born December 5, 1941, in Waterbury, Connecticut, 123 456789 10 11 12 13 14 Rhoades graduated from East Stroudsburg University of
Pennsylvania in 1964 with a bachelor’s degree in education
and later earned a master’s degree in education from Lehigh
University in 1966.

(3) Rhoades began his professional career as a teacher
and football coach at the Pottsville and Mahanoy City high
schools. After seven years of teaching, Rhoades was appointed
as the principal of the Mahanoy Area Middle School. He served
as principal for ten years before his election to the
Pennsylvania Senate.

(4) As a former educator, Rhoades had an interest in
education issues and ultimately became chairman of the
Education Committee of the Senate. As chairman of that
committee, Rhoades had influence over almost all education
policy, including policy initiatives that led to the
Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act and the Head Start Supplemental
Assistance Program.

(5) Rhoades also served on the Appropriations,
Transportation, Law and Justice, and Environmental Resources
and Energy committees.

(6) Rhoades died at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown
a day after being injured in an automobile accident near
Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, in Monroe County. He was killed
by a drunk driver.
(b) Signs.–The Department of Transportation shall erect and

maintain appropriate signs displaying the name of the bridge to
traffic in both directions.
Section 2. Effective date.

This act shall take effect in 60 days. 20100HB2614PN4001 -2


All House Members
Representative Jerry Knowles
I24th Legislative District
June 7, 2010
Draft Legislation
Senator Jim Rhoades Memorial Bridge
In the near future, I plan to introduce legislation that will designate the State Street Bridge over the Schuylkill River in Hamburg Borough and Tilden Township, Berks County, as the Senator Jim Rhoades Memorial Bridge.
As most of you know, Jim was a Republican member ofthe Pennsylvania Senate who represented the 29th Senatorial District from 1980 until his untimely death on October 18, 2008, at the age of 66. At the time ofhis death, he was running for his eighth term in the Senate.
If you wish to co-sponsor this legislation, please contact Tracy Baker, in my Harrisburg office, at 787-9029.



Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08

Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08


This is the image that kept being put out for all to see stating how Mr. Senavitis crossed the double yellow line and truck the Cadillac Driven by Senator J. Rhoades. This photo was taken after the pick-up truck was removed from the front passenger side of the Cadillac were it rested against the passenger door and placed straddling the double yellow.

In this photo the pick-up driven by Mr. Senavitis is still resting against the passenger door of the Cadillac in the southbound lane which was Mr. Senavitis lane of travel. The entire front of the Cadillac is in the southbound lane of travel where the initial impact also occured. So there is no misunderstanding, the vehicle in main view on the right in this shot is the emergency vehicle, but as you take a closer look of the photo you will see the passenger side mirror. Look at the black bug guard across the front of the hood you will see it.
This photo is looking up the northbound lane of travel which the Cadillac was traveling as well as Yamila Yafar. The minivan driven by Yamila Yafar was the obstruction in the northbound lane in which caused the Cadillac to shot over to the southbound lane to avoid it. This minivan and Yamila Yafar are on the right of this photo, please make note this is not where her vehicle was at the time of accident.

As this is before the pick-up and Cadillac were moved let me direct you to the pick up. Take a look at the steam arising from the vehicles. You can see that it is actually coming from the truck which is in the front side of the Cadillac just in front of the emergency vehicle. The only clear part you can see is the cab roof of the pick-up.

Another very clear piece of evidence here that has completely disappeared is the hood of the Cadillac, I will explain and this is very important. Note the twist in the hood, the driver’s side is completely straight with no impact dent and lifted in the air several feet. When you follow the front of the hood this is also straight with no sufficient dents also looking pretty straight other than the angle it is twist to which is downward on the passenger side.

This will tell us that this was not a head on collision nor was the contact driver’s side to driver’s side but in fact the accident occurred as the Cadillac went into the oncoming lane at about a 10:00 angle which also is proof as this angle is what made the Cadillac turn counter clockwise and end up in the direction it did. As the pick-up was in it’s lane and traveling straight it held it position of travel staying straight.

Everyone in these photos or who seen these vehicle as this point before they were moved are called witnesses. Pa State Trooper Jason Beers indicated on stand he had gotten to the scene after the vehicles were moved and he did not have his car cam on nor did he get photos. He also indicated he knew of no photos that were taken before the vehicles were moved as they the truck had to be moved immediately for rescue of the passenger of the Cadillac as they rested together.  



First I would like to go over the safety rating for the 2006 Cadillac dts.  It specifically states, in each test, injuries to the head, neck and chest indicate low risk injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity.  Both driver and passenger side airbag deployed and Senator James Rhoades and Edith Rhoades (passenger) were stated to have there safety belts on as the Police Report states, this is questionable. 
NHTSA Crash Test Results National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
Divider image
Divider image
// //
IIHS Crash Test Results Highway Loss Data Institute
Divider image
Divider image
Divider image
Frontal Offset Crash Test Rating:   4 star legend
Overall Evaluation   G
Structure/Safety Cage   G
Injury Measures  
Head/Neck   G
Chest   G
Leg/foot, left   G
Leg/foot, right   A
Restraints/dummy kinematics   G
Important: Frontal crash test ratings can be compared only among vehicles of similar weight. <p>The Buick Lucerne was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue. The Cadillac DTS was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Cadillac DeVille.</p> <p>Two tests of the Lucerne were conducted, one by the Institute and the other by General Motors as part of <a href=”frontal_test_info.html”>frontal crash test verification</a>. Ratings are based on both tests.</p> Dummy movement was well controlled in both tests. After the dummy moved forward into the airbag, it rebounded into the seat without its head coming close to any stiff structure that could cause injury. In each test, measures taken from the head, neck, and chest indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity. Measures from the dummies in the two tests, taken together, indicate that injury to the lower right leg would be possible. 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL and CX 4-door 3772 front and rear head curtain airbags and front seat-mounted torso airbags 116 203 74 3.8 L V6 19 28

Crash Tested Vehicle: Details | Vehicle Specifications

Side Impact Crash Test Rating:  
Overall Evaluation   A
Structure/safety cage   M
Injury Measures
Driver Passenger

3788 standard front and rear head curtain airbags and standard front seat-mounted torso airbags 116 203 74 3.8 L V6 19 28 Measures taken from the dummy indicate that a fracture of the pelvis would be possible in a crash of this severity. The risk of significant injuries to other body regions is low. Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity. The dummy’s head was protected from being hit by any hard structures, including the intruding barrier, by a side curtain airbag that deployed from the roof. 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL 4-door <p>The Buick Lucerne was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue. The Cadillac DTS was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Cadillac DeVille.</p> The dummy’s head was protected from being hit by any hard structures, including the intruding barrier, by a side curtain airbag that deployed from the roof.

Head Protection
  G   G
  G   G
  G   G
  A   G

Crash Tested Vehicle: standard front and rear head curtain airbags and standard front seat-mounted torso airbags
Details | Vehicle Specifications

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) uses frontal offset and side impact crash tests to estimate the crashworthiness of a vehicle. These results are good indicators of how a frontal and side impact can structurally impact a 2006 CADILLAC DTS . The crashworthiness data for this 2006 CADILLAC DTS was provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute. Learn more about these crash test results.

Senator Rhoades was a diabetic and it is known that he had an high glucose level at the time of his death.  He died October 18,2008 from interal bleeding due to blunt force trauma to the chest due to a motor vehichle accident.  


–          When no alcohol is in the blood, your liver keeps blood glucose from going too low by releasing glucose into your blood.

–          If the liver is busy breaking down alcohol, it cannot release glucose into your blood.

–          If you take insulin or diabetes pills, your blood glucose may go too low when you drink alcohol because the medicine and alcohol both lower blood glucose.

–          The alcohol and sugars in many drinks can cause blood glucose to go too high.

–          Alcohol can also cause high blood triglycerides (fats).

–          Check your blood glucose after you drink to see how alcohol affects you.

The Senator was flown by medical helicopter to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township, Lehigh Coroner Scott Grim said.  He was pronounced dead at 9:35 this morning, he said.  An Autopsy has been scheduled for Sunday morning Grim said.  

It was said Senator Rhoades was in serious condition and never criticial condition .   

Was his blood too thin, did he even get emergency surgery?  How long did they have to wait if he got surgery to fix this internal bleeding problems? 

You would think that a hospital Senator James Rhoades was so involved with would have done anything to save him whether they had to give him a heart transplant they would have found away.



I would like to bring to  your attention several things the first is that in this video the truck (Unit 1) has already been moved off of the front of the Cadillac (Unit 2) onto the double yellow lines which place it completely in its own lane southbound. 

Secondly the only evidence brought before Magistrate Debby York by the Prosecution were three things

1. The Police Crash Report done by Fern Ridge State Police, signed and sworn to by Trooper Jason Beers.

2. The Corner’s Report proving Senator James Rhoades was deceased and died from blunt force trauma to the chest causing internal bleeding due to a motor vehicle accident.

3. Their blood alcohol evidence on Mr. Senavitis from blood at the hospital.

How this was enough relevant evidence after the three months the Prosecution had for Magistrate Debby York to have the charges against Mr. Senavitis to go forward is ridiculous.

Ms. Yamila Yafar showed up to this preliminary hearing and as you see in this video as soon as she started walking to the courthouse doors DA David Christine and Trooper Jason Beers snagged her moving her away and talking to her.  She then abruptly left the Courthouse never going in testify.

DA David Christine during the hearing after the three pieces of evidence stated above were revealed turned to ADA Colleen Mancuso for more evidence and she had stated that was all they had.



Imagine yourself on your way home from picking your pay check up at work and the stopping to get it cash, all is well driving Southbound on SR 209 to return home with plans of going away that night for a four day weekend but as you enter onto the bridge just before the Beechwood Inn out of the blue your see the front grill of a car coming your way and slamming into you.  

The 1994 Chevrolet Silverado drive by Thomas Senavitis was not equipt with air bags and as he stated he was unsure if he had he seat belt. 

He was found lying across the floor of the truck, removed from the vehicle and put into the back of a West End Ambulance to have his injuries worked on,  from their a life flight came in a picked him up to take him to St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem.

Morning of 10-18-08 Hospital

Morning of 10-18-08 at Hospital

Surgically Placed Affixiator To Hold Bone Pieces Together

Surgically Placed Affixiator To Hold Bone Pieces Together

DA David Christine stated “with the alleged alcohol reading he should have been in a coma let alone be able to get in a motor vehicle” .  

The time of accident was about 6:30 PM on 10-17-08 and Mr. Senavitis brought to St. Luke hospital with multiple severe injuries through none of which life threatening if not operated on immediately,  he was operated on within 12 hours of the inital accident.   If Mr. Senavitis had any alcohol level protocal would have delayed the surgery until which time was safe from intoxication as the alcohol would create complications during surgery and anesthisia. 

Imagine yourself coming from anesthisia to in a hospital, being all drugged up and seeing a cage literally going through and around your leg.  Having difficulty speaking, eating and drinking due to severe injuries to the mouth go through the roof of your mouth up into the sinus passages.  

Once released home the care was constant having to continually change bandages and keep the wound clean and covered with medication which took more than one family member to do, to hold bandages from moving out of place, holding the leg up and wrapping it around all those rods, at the same time.

First Surgery Incision

First Surgery IncisionFive rods inserted into Mr. Senavitis' leg as plates were put in to hold all the bits and pieces of bone to gether as the tibia and fibia both broke and shattered into pieces.Ulcer From Injury

 Ulcers Mr. Senavitis developed on ankle and leg due to the severity of the internal damage to leg, ankle and foot.


Mr. Senavitis was severely bruised throughout his entire body, had his left elbow wripped open, several broken ribs on the left side which each rib broke in three pieces and a break in his back.

Right Arm Bruise

Right Arm Bruise

Left Elbow

Left Elbow

Facial Bruising

Facial Bruising

The second surgery on Mr. Senavitis’ leg entailed an incision on the inner side of his of his right leg the same size as on the outer side of his left when they removed the affixiator, put in another plate with screws holding bone pieces together and soft casting right away.

He went from the soft case to a hard cast and when the hard cast was removed he worn a moon boot to get used to putting his leg down for walking.  

He went from wheelchair to a walker to a moonboot, and just putting his leg through therapy and weening off the moonboot had his bail revoked in a outragous act by Carbon and Monroe County working together. 

He has not recovered from the leg and back injury and is imprison without proper medical treatment.   He is being victimized over and over in every way by the system and those controlling it.  

Also a note I would like to bring to everyone’s attention when imprisoned they were given no medical problems Mr. Senavitis was suffering but the prosection made it clear to the medical department of the prison that Mr. Senavitis needed to be medicated for withdraw in which Mr. Senavitis refused and never took.  He was seen twice a day for syptoms and a check on his withdraw and show absolutely none, never went through withdraw like the prosection was trying to get documented to make him out to be such a damage to himself and society and a alcoholic that could live without it.  

How much does one person have to endore especially when they are innocent.  He has been proven guilty without a chance to prove his innocense .   Every right has been taken from this man and the abuse continues daily for him.

It’s Never Too Late To Come Forward For Truth and Justice

The accident involving Senator James Rhoades, Mr. Senavitis and Yamila Yafar was on October 17, 2008 at around 6:30pm which was a Friday evening on SR 209 a heavily traveled 2 lane roadway with a small bridge in front of the Beachwood Inn, a bar and grill. 

In the Fern Ridge State Police Crash Report signed and sworn to by Trooper Officer Jason Beers is states for all three units involved “Trailing Units NONE”.   Yet one of the witnesses they have who claimes to be able to see whose tires crossed the yellow lines and whose did not was two car behind Senator James Rhoades. 

There are also several other witnesses whom spoke up about is and quickly changed to they don’t want to get involved, this is what subpoenaes are for. 

In news articles they state that the Chef of the Beechwood Inn heard the crash, told the owner there was a serious accident out front and them along with the patrons  in the Beechwood Inn were stuck there while rescue and removal was done and that they saw and watched what was going on.   They are all obvious witnesses to the resting spot of the vehicles and where the truck was moved to for rescue of Mrs. Edith Rhoades to the double yellow lines.

Although the Crash Reports states no trailing units they have a witness traveling northbound 2 cars behind Senator James Rhoades.  

Those who  know this stretch of roadway know how busy it is and on a Friday at 6:30 pm in the evening there obviously were alot of vehicles trailing behind all Units being witness to the accident itself and the final resting spot of the vehicles before they were moved. 

I know if this happened to you, you would want people to come forward.  It seems people these days just don’t want to get involved but for truth and justice should in any case no matter how big or small, how little you think the information you have is, it all helps in the end. 

Stand together and don’t let others hang for something they shouldn’t.  GOD BLESS ALL


In the Police Report done by Fern Ridge State Police, Trooper Jason Beers and Corporal Douglas Shook of the Pennsylvania State Police CARS Unit, State Trooper Jason Beers makes indication of severe damage to the front of Unit 2 with a scuff mark on the driver’s side of the rear bumper.

Unit 2 Front End View

Unit 2 Front End View

If the impact happened as indicated int the Fern Ridge State Police Report the brunt of the damage would been the front with driver’s side getting the force of impact turning the vehicle clockwise instead of counter clockwise as they have documented and sworn to.

Unit 2 Driver's Side View

Unit 2 Driver's Side View

Unit 2 front took the brunt force of the impact more towards the passenger side turning the vehicle counter clockwise inducing more damage to the passenger side.  Also proving the resting point of Unit 1 being againt Unit 2’s front fender and passenger door, not resting in the center of the roadway.

Unit 2 Front Fender and Passenger Side

Unit 2 Front Fender and Passenger Side

As stated in the Fern ridge State Police Crash Report as Unit 2 rotated counter clockwise it then struck Unit 3 damaging Unit 3 and making a scuff mark on Unit 2’s rear driver’s side bumper.   You can see the scuff in white just under the driver’s side tail light and just next to that the bumper sticker saying RHOADES State Senator.

Unit 2 Rear End and Bumper

Unit 2 Rear End and Bumper

In this blog you will find the word by word account in the Fern Ridge State Police Crash Report, Unit 1 damages as well as further information concerning the going ons in this case.   If you read it all and pay close attention to what you are reading you will see how far they have gone to cover-up Senator James Rhoades and Yamila Yafar’s role in the creation/cause of the entire accident.  The one thing we have not been able to collect are photos of the damage to Yamila Yafar’s mini van which we are sorry for.  But please continued to follow up with fighting back1 as well as the others putting together the pieces to make you aware of the conspiracy and corruption with our county politicians, police, judicial system and the other that have been brought in to this.


Unit l Front End View

Unit l Front End View

In the Police Report done by Fern Ridge State Police, Trooper Jason Beers, and Corporal Douglas Shook of the Pennsylvania CARS Unit, Unit l the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis impact head on with Unit 2 which was the Cadillac driven by Senator James Rhoades and the damage the Unit l was note as severe front end damage. 

Driver Side fo Unit l

Driver Side of Unit l

Driver's Side of Unit l

Driver's Side of Unit l

The impact  to the driver’s side front end of Unit l was so severe that it crumbled and even note the fold in the back corner of the extended cab.    This vehicle was completely totaled in everyway even snapping the driveshaft in half and shoving the tranmission up pushing into the cab of the vehicle.   Understand the damages to all units involved is very important as to what happened.   See Unit 2.