On October 17, 2008 in Gilbert, PA just around 6:30 was a tragic motor vehicle accident involving a high profile Senator, this Senator was James J. Rhoades who passed away due to his injuries the next morning.
Mr. Senavitis was eventually arrested for vehicular homicide while DUI over 4 times the legal limit as well as over a dozen other charges.

ADA Colleen Mancuso prosecuted this case in trial on March 10, 2010 whereas in the questioning of the Commonwealth’s witness, Corporal Douglas Shook, he was questioned on the whereabouts and inspection of the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis.

In the court documents Corporal Shook testifies that a search warrant was obtained and an inspection of the vehicle was done by him on Halloween of 2008.

The inspection entails documenting and photographing damage points of the vehicle and an actual state inspection.

The search warrant also enables them to go inside the vehicles to inspect and gather evidence.
Direct from the trial:

Ms. Mancuso “Did you find anything unusual on the inside of the vehicle?”

Corporal Shook “The only thing that was surprising to me is there was actually still an odor of an alcoholic beverage inside the passenger compartment.

Ms. Mancuso “Was there anything else?”

Corporal Shook “There were beers cans in there. That is not necessarily uncommon with the crashes I get called out for. The odor of the alcoholic beverages still being in there was surprising. Usually it dissipates by then.”

PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE Supplemental Investigation Report:

Now, on February 17, 2010 (23 days before trial), this Trooper (Jason Beers) executed a search warrant on the truck that was operated by SENAVITIS. Four(4) empty twelve(12) ounce cans of BUSCH beer were recovered from the passenger compartment of the truck and placed into evidence under property number N3-4982(M).
It’s clearly documented and testified to that the pickup truck driven by Mr. Senavitis was inspected with a fine tooth comb on Halloween of 2008 with an obtained search warrant and the state police document everything about that vehicle and photographed it vehicle inside and out.

I believe it is protocol to photograph evidence in its found location before moving it for proper documentation.

Then they get another search warrant 23 days before trial on February 17, 2010 and this is when they come up with these cans of beer to bring up into evidence.

Upon receipt of this new discovery by defense and brought to Mr. Senavitis’ attention he informed defense counsel there were no beer cans in the cab of his truck and he needed to review that evidence for born on dates that the cans document.

Needless to say prosecution made sure these cans of beer in the cab of the truck were brought up in the trial, but the physical evidence of these cans were never viewed.

Why weren’t they found and photographed in their complete inspection of the pickup truck Halloween of 2008?
If they were there then I am sure there would have been several other initial charges on Mr. Senavitis in their scramble for charging this man for as much as they could to make him seem guilty.

Mr. Senavitis’ family reviewed the pickup and photographs the entire vehicle the day after the accident October 18, 2008 and there are no beer cans in any of their photos.

And, even though the Rhoades family and the court has been portraying them to be dumb rednecks I am sure if there were cans at the time the family inspected the vehicle and got personal items out they would have been smart enough to take out any beer cans. They didn’t because there wasn’t any.

To see full stream of photos by the Senavitis family go to:



The PA State Police Report it indicates that “On 10-27-08 at 1111 hours, I interviewed the passenger of Unit 2 (Mrs. Rhoades). She states the last thing she remembered was Operator 2 (Mr. Rhoades) shouting something like “hold on” or “watch out”. She stated the next thing she remembered was seeing the headlights coming at her in the northbound lane. She stated the headlights looked to be higher than unit 2 (Cadillac driven by Mr. Rhoades). She stated she then felt the impact of the crash.”

Mrs. Rhoades trial testimony as follows “I remember it was dark and I just remember asking him how far it is. I was not familiar with that immediate area, so I just asked him how far it was and he said Oh, we are just about there. He said five minutes or so and that was the last thing he said. And the crash was right there. I remember him – – I remember talking. He had said that and all of a sudden he screamed. He left a scream out. And I had looked and I saw a light coming from – – it came this way. And I saw the, I guess it would be the – – the head light on the driver’s side first as it came right – – and all I could think of was it is high. And I didn’t know it was the truck at the time, but it was high. And I saw it come over this was. And then there was a crash.”

ADA Colleen Mancuso then questioned her “So you saw the light of the vehicle at that time coming towards you, you believe at an angle?”

Mrs. Rhoades responded “Yes, it was.”

As per Mr. Senavitis’ detailed recollection of the accident he indicates that he was driving southbound on SR 209 in Gilbert on the bridge at the Beechwood Inn when a vehicle traveling northbound suddenly shot over into the southbound lane (his lane of travel). He immediately hit the brakes real hard and impact occurred simultaneously.

Mr. Senavitis also recollects that he was actually looking down at the passenger of the vehicle and seeing a light, the light he thought could have only come from a headlight. But if he is looking down at the passenger (Mrs. Rhoades) and seeing the light it had to have been coming from inside the vehicle.

Taken fact Mrs. Rhoades questions Mr. Rhoades on how much further it was, the GPS in their vehicle is located middle lower portion of the dashboard as indicated in this photo, it is appropriate to assess that Mr. Rhoades at that time took a peek at the GPS to see just how long it would be and as he looked back up at the roadway was the time the minivan (driven by Yamila Yafar) off to his right by the shoulder of the road began to enter back on the northbound lane of travel in front of him.

This makes complete probability when all statements including witness statements and the reconstruction of the accident to have occurred in this way.


• February 18, 2011

Recently, the District Attorney has taken a new interest in the summary offenses originally charged in Mr. Senavitis’ case whereas he had been acquitted of vehicular homicide and several other charges in March of 2010 stemming from the motor vehicle accident in which PA State Senator James Rhoades lost his life.

These summary offenses are as a result of the Fern Ridge State Police investigation and their reconstruction of this accident.
President Judge Ronald Vican heard this case as AD Colleen Mancuso prosecuted it. Corporal Shook and PA State Trooper Beers were the witnesses for the Commonwealth as to the authenticity of the Reconstruction Report filed by them.

It was demonstrated and proven that the Fern Ridge State Police Reconstruction Report was completely incorrect and physically impossible, it defied the laws of physics.

KEVIN R THERIAULT of Crash and Safety out of Virginia reconstructed the accident using the same evidence the State Police had and evidence they felt was necessary to use and came up with the proper reconstruction and only physically possible one.

It was obvious at the time Judge Ronald Vican and AD Colleen Mancuso were completely stunned by the verdict as well as the Rhoades’ family.

Several months have passed, Mr. Senavitis was sentenced and now the District Attorney wants Mr. Senavitis charged with the summary offenses.

It is believed that the new interest in the summary offenses is as a result of the Rhoades family pushing the issue with the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney recently requested a conference with the Judge which has already been held. The question arose whether or not the court still has the power to act on those summary offenses. That legal question is being researched at this moment. The Judge at this meeting gave every indication that he intends to find Mr. Senavitis guilty of most of them. “BIG SURPRISE.”

My question would be if Mr. Senavitis was acquitted of the cause of this accident and Yamila Yafar and Senator Rhoades himself direct cause “Where are the charges on them?”

The Rhoades family needs this as they are pulling strings for their law suits against Yamila Yafar, Mr. Senavitis and Mrs. Senavitis.

Mrs. Rhoades after the trial stated when asked how she felt about the verdict was “I respect their decision”.

Sorry Mrs. Rhoades this is not respecting their decision or the fact everyone is or should be treated equally, with respect no matter what come before their name if anything.

Throughout this case Mrs. Rhoades all you have heard is the late great Senator James Rhoades and that because of who he is and his background he could make no error.

Mr. Rhoades made an error that evening and instead of admitting he is not perfect as no one is you continue to punished an innocent family as much as you can.

I ask myself what is going on in the Secret Society of our Government and will the people ever be free of it?


First I would like to go over the safety rating for the 2006 Cadillac dts.  It specifically states, in each test, injuries to the head, neck and chest indicate low risk injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity.  Both driver and passenger side airbag deployed and Senator James Rhoades and Edith Rhoades (passenger) were stated to have there safety belts on as the Police Report states, this is questionable. 
NHTSA Crash Test Results National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
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IIHS Crash Test Results Highway Loss Data Institute
Divider image
Divider image
Divider image
Frontal Offset Crash Test Rating:   4 star legend
Overall Evaluation   G
Structure/Safety Cage   G
Injury Measures  
Head/Neck   G
Chest   G
Leg/foot, left   G
Leg/foot, right   A
Restraints/dummy kinematics   G
Important: Frontal crash test ratings can be compared only among vehicles of similar weight. <p>The Buick Lucerne was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue. The Cadillac DTS was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Cadillac DeVille.</p> <p>Two tests of the Lucerne were conducted, one by the Institute and the other by General Motors as part of <a href=”frontal_test_info.html”>frontal crash test verification</a>. Ratings are based on both tests.</p> Dummy movement was well controlled in both tests. After the dummy moved forward into the airbag, it rebounded into the seat without its head coming close to any stiff structure that could cause injury. In each test, measures taken from the head, neck, and chest indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity. Measures from the dummies in the two tests, taken together, indicate that injury to the lower right leg would be possible. 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL and CX 4-door 3772 front and rear head curtain airbags and front seat-mounted torso airbags 116 203 74 3.8 L V6 19 28

Crash Tested Vehicle: Details | Vehicle Specifications

Side Impact Crash Test Rating:  
Overall Evaluation   A
Structure/safety cage   M
Injury Measures
Driver Passenger

3788 standard front and rear head curtain airbags and standard front seat-mounted torso airbags 116 203 74 3.8 L V6 19 28 Measures taken from the dummy indicate that a fracture of the pelvis would be possible in a crash of this severity. The risk of significant injuries to other body regions is low. Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity. The dummy’s head was protected from being hit by any hard structures, including the intruding barrier, by a side curtain airbag that deployed from the roof. 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL 4-door <p>The Buick Lucerne was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue. The Cadillac DTS was introduced in the 2006 model year as a replacement for the Cadillac DeVille.</p> The dummy’s head was protected from being hit by any hard structures, including the intruding barrier, by a side curtain airbag that deployed from the roof.

Head Protection
  G   G
  G   G
  G   G
  A   G

Crash Tested Vehicle: standard front and rear head curtain airbags and standard front seat-mounted torso airbags
Details | Vehicle Specifications

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) uses frontal offset and side impact crash tests to estimate the crashworthiness of a vehicle. These results are good indicators of how a frontal and side impact can structurally impact a 2006 CADILLAC DTS . The crashworthiness data for this 2006 CADILLAC DTS was provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute. Learn more about these crash test results.

Senator Rhoades was a diabetic and it is known that he had an high glucose level at the time of his death.  He died October 18,2008 from interal bleeding due to blunt force trauma to the chest due to a motor vehichle accident.  


–          When no alcohol is in the blood, your liver keeps blood glucose from going too low by releasing glucose into your blood.

–          If the liver is busy breaking down alcohol, it cannot release glucose into your blood.

–          If you take insulin or diabetes pills, your blood glucose may go too low when you drink alcohol because the medicine and alcohol both lower blood glucose.

–          The alcohol and sugars in many drinks can cause blood glucose to go too high.

–          Alcohol can also cause high blood triglycerides (fats).

–          Check your blood glucose after you drink to see how alcohol affects you.

The Senator was flown by medical helicopter to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township, Lehigh Coroner Scott Grim said.  He was pronounced dead at 9:35 this morning, he said.  An Autopsy has been scheduled for Sunday morning Grim said.  

It was said Senator Rhoades was in serious condition and never criticial condition .   

Was his blood too thin, did he even get emergency surgery?  How long did they have to wait if he got surgery to fix this internal bleeding problems? 

You would think that a hospital Senator James Rhoades was so involved with would have done anything to save him whether they had to give him a heart transplant they would have found away.

We The People

When injustices are being plagued upon “We The People”  all should be knowledgeable of such information.  “ We The People” vote and put into offices individuals we trust, expect to be honest, true to their words and to protect all with fairness and equality.  It seems these days the brotherhood of government employees protects each other to any extent and at any cost to “We The People”.  These individuals feel that because they are appointed to protect the law, they are the law.  They do what ever it takes to protect each other from having their great names tarnished and keep each other out of the troubles they are in.  Only, they are building a pyramid of conspirators, a work of art called “Government Corruption” something we have been hearing a lot lately.  Sooner than later this pyramid will tumble and “We The People” will be responsible to re-build the government.  Hopefully it will be built with true, good, honest people.  Until this time we, must stand together and not participate in their cover-ups, letting them know, we are not blind but in fact our eyes are wide open.