Eric Golab of Jonas, who had been driving behind Rhoades, testified to seeing Rhoades swerve slightly to the left to pass the minivan, which was pulled off to the side in front of Rhoades. Golab said he saw Senavitis’ truck come into the their lane of travel and collide with Rhoades’ car.

Golab said Senavitis’ truck and Rhoades’ car came to rest apart from each other after the crash, but two paramedics later testified that the front of Senavitis’ truck came to rest against the passenger side of Rhoades’ car. Golab said Senavitis was confused and smelled ‘like a brewery.’

On 10-18-08, at approx. 1830 hours, I (Officer Jason Beers) interviewed WITNESS 2(Eric K. Golab). He stated he WAS TRAVELING NORTH ON SR 209 and was the SECOND VEHICLE BEHIND UNIT 2. He stated he SAW Unit 3 PULLED ON THE NORTHBOUND SHOULD OF SR 209. He state UNIT 2 VEERED TO THE LEFT WHEN IT PASSED UNIT 3. He stated UNIT 2 DID NOT DRIVE OVER THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINES INTO THE SOUTHBOUND LANE. He state HE SAW UNIT 1 VEER TOWARDS THE NORTHBOUND LANE, CROSS THE DOUBLE YELLOW LINES AND ENTER THE NORTHBOUND LANE. He stated HE SAW UNIT 2 SWERVE TO THE RIGHT, AWAY FROM UNIT 1 BUT STILL GOT STRUCK. He stated Unit 2 then struck Unit 3. He stated HE APPROACHED UNIT 1 (pick up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis) and saw Operator 1 lying across the floor of Unit 1.

Mrs Rhoades
“It was dark out,” she testified. “I asked him how much farther it was. He said, ‘We’re just about there.'”
“Then, he screamed,” Mary Edith Rhoades said. “I looked and saw a bright light coming toward us at an angle. It was high up off the ground. We were still in our lane.”

On 10-27-08 at 1111hours, I (Officer Jason Beers) interviewed the passenger of Unit 2 (Mary Edith Rhoades). She stated that the LAST THING SHE REMEMBERED WAS OPERATOR 2 SHOUT SOMETHING LIKE “HOLD ON” or “ WATCH OUT”. She stated the next thing SHE REMEMBER SEEING HEADLIGHTS COMING AT HER IN THE NORTHBOUND LANE. She stated the headlights looked to be higher than Unit 2. She stated she then felt the impact of the crash. She stated the next thing she remembers was the fire and EMT’s trying to get her out of the car. She stated she heard somebody asking operator 2 (Senator James Rhoades) questions.

What’s with the blood?


Yamila Yafar
On 10-17-08 at approx. 1910 hours, I (Officer Jason Beers) interviewed Operator 3 on scene. She stated SHE PULLED ONTO THE NORTHBOUND SHOULDER OF THE ROAD TO USE HER CELL PHONE. She stated SHE CAME TO A COMPLETE STOP AND DID NOT EVEN PUT HER VEHICLE INTO PARK WHEN SHE HEARD THE CRASH occur to the left of her. She stated her vehicle was struck by Unit 2 AFTER UNIT 2 WAS STRUCK BY UNIT 1. She stated she then PULLED HER VEHICLE UP A FEW FEET in case Units 1 & 2 caught on fire. She stated she checked on her baby then called 911.

Police said Yafar pulled to the side of the road, after which Senavitis came into Rhoades’ lane and caused a nearly head-on collision.

Yafar said she was driving her mother’s minivan to her mother’s house in Mill Creek when her child began crying and her phone started to ring. Yafar said she pulled off to the side of the road and had just put her hand on the gear shifter to park when the crash occurred. She said she saw the cars “welded together” after a head-on collision.

“The black car was rotated,” Yafar said. “The back of the car came towards me.”

Yafar said she initially thought her vehicle had been struck further back, but noticed her child’s car seat tipped on its side and realized Rhoades’ Cadillac had hit the driver’s side panel near the second row of seats. Yafar said neither she nor her child were injured.

Under cross-examination, Yafar said there was complete daylight at the time of the accident, which was contrary to Mary Edith Rhoades’ testimony. According to the criminal complaint, the crash occurred at 6:35 p.m.

UPON MY ARRIVAL (Officer Jason Beers).

This three vehicle crash occurred as Unit 1 was traveling South on Sr 209. UNIT 2 AND 3 WERE TRAVELING NORTH. UNIT 3 PULLED OFF OF THE ROADWAY ONTO THE NORTHBOUND SHOULDER. As Unit 2 was passing Unit 3 on the left, Unit 2 collided with Unit 1 ON THE NORTHBOUND LANE HEAD ON. This impact caused unit 2 to spin counter-clockwise and the left side of the rear bumper of Unit 2 collided with the left side of Unit 3. UNIT 1 AND UNIT 2 CAME TO A FINAL UNCONTROLLED REST ON THE CENTER OF SR 209. Unit 3 was driven from its final rest a few feet North by Operator 2.

This Trooper (Officer Jason Beers) examined Units 1, 2 & 3 at the scene and observed the following:


I observed that Unit 2 had major damage to the front and a scuff mark on the left side of the rear bumper.

I observed damage to the left side of Unit 3.

Upon arrival at the scene, Operator 2 and the passenger of Unit 2 (Mr. & Mrs. J. Rhoades) were being extracted by West End Fire Co. Operator 1 (Mr. Senavitis) was being treated for injuries inside a West End ambulance. I was unable to interview Operator I on scene, due to his injuries and need of medical attention. I IDENTIFIED OPERATOR 1 VIA A DRIVERS LISENCE. Upon Operator 2 and passenger of Unit 2 being extracated, I was unable to interview either of them due to their injuries and need of medical attention. I IDENTIFIED OPERATOR 2 AND PASSENGER OF UNIT 2 THROUGH WEST END EMT’s.

TRIAL Statement Trooper Beers – Officer Beers said Senavitis’ truck and Rhoades’Cadillac were still pinned together when he arrived and he gave permission for emergency workers to pull the truck away so Rhoades could be extracted.



  1. Mel Kaplan said,

    September 16, 2010 at 4:59 am

    The Crash Report and trial testimony of Trooper Beers and Corporal Shook indicated Rhoades needed to be extracted from his vehicle. Did Rhoades’ injuries liquify him? Highly unlikely! It is more likely Rhoades was extricated by standard procedures. When his wife asked him how much further, and he replied they were almost there, did he know, driving in such a remote corner of his gerrymandered 29th Senate District, because he was watching his center-dashboard mounted GPS receiver instead of Rhoades’ roads?

  2. Mel Kaplan said,

    September 16, 2010 at 8:26 am

    A Main Street, Stroudsburg church back in the early 1970’s provided, as part of its youth ministry, a large meeting room in its finished basement as a non-proselytizing, non-sectarian youth center. Chaperoned by responsible adult volunteers, it was a place area teenagers could gather late-afternoons and evenings to get off the sidewalks, where the long hair a few of them wore would not invoke fear in the hearts of the more conservative establishment that ruled the Monroe County of that era. They called it “The Grapevine.”

    One evening about eight o’clock, a woman in her late-twenties entered and spontaneously attempted, via taunting insults, to lure several unsuspecting teenagers into heated arguments with her. She was a textbook example of a trained “agent-provocateur.” And she was successful, luring a young basketball player to the sidewalk outside with taunts of “go hide inside your mother’s apronstrings’ and the like. When she feinted karate-style attack moves, he drew a utility knife from his back-pocket, the kind that holds a incrementally exposes up to two inches of razor blade by a manual actuator. He never got within five feet of her, nor did he expose the blade, probably because I never gave him the chance, pushing him back inside with my taller, much heavier frame.

    A young (mid-twenties) idealist myself, and naive about the extent of local government corruption (living a dozen miles away, for less than 5 years) I talked the kid into walking to the police station when two cops drove up shortly thereafter, stating (falsely) they wanted to hear his side of the story. We naively waited there over an hour for them to return—the “car accident” they purportedly were tied up on turned out to have been their waiting for a judge to come out to issue an arrest warrant.

    Their cockiness (and stupidity) cost their handlers their goal, which was to close down “The Grapevine!” In a closed, secret arraignment that demanded exorbitant bail, they stretched the time for the preliminary hearing to the maximum. So sure were they of themselves, they never bothered to get a positive i.d. from their only witness, the complainant. I used that against them, convincing Judge Cheslock (at that time a young, idealistic public defender) that the agent-provocateur, like the two corrupt cops, didn’t have the smarts to tell one young black kid from another, so we pulled the old ‘musical chairs’ ruse. At preliminary hearing where the defendant is still in custody, custom has it that he sits with his lawyer to his left and the arresting officer to his right. We didn’t change that, at least not exactly. What we did do was place two non-defendants between Cheslock, the lawyer, and Willie G., the defendant. Right to left, we had Stroudsburg Police Officer David S., Defendant Willie G., Constitution-Idealist Mel K., ‘Ringer’ Willie T., Public Defender Jerry C. With my back to the defendant, who I totally ignored, I kept patting both on the back and the right knee our ringer, who deftly acted his part by alternating between ‘deadpan’ and ‘worried’ expressions, with frequent whispers between himself and ‘his’ lawyer. Willie G. did well too, staring emotionlessly straight-ahead. When the prosecutor wrapped up his case by asking the complainant to identify her ‘attacker,’ sure enough she identified our ringer. When J.P. Ray Silver asked him to stand and state his name, he did so. Cheslock immediately moved for dismissal of all charges on the grounds of lack of identification. Surprised and puzzled, Justice Silver called a 10-minute recess and left the room, presumably to telephone for instructions, whereupon the press corps broke into pandemonium, tying up all the telephone lines from the Stroud Township Municipal Building, where he convened the hearing because his office was too small to hold the crowd in this high-profile case. Silver reconvened after about twenty minutes, and immediately stated (outrageously) “I am going to continue the hearing due to the gravity of the charges.” This time, the press corps, which had filed their stories against pressing deadlines and returned to the pressbox, didn’t wait for a recess, noisily bolting from the room. After about another ten minutes, a man entered the room from behind the judge and handed him a folded note. Justice Silver read the note, sighed, and stated “All charges are dismissed. Court is adjourned!” He then rapped his gavel and left the room.

    The defense-tactic may have worked better-than-hoped-for. Not only was the ‘complainant’ surprised. So were the justice, judge, D.A. and arresting officer. Even a few of the Press Corps. And powerful people never seen!

    (It was later revealed that their agent-provocateur, Charlene B. (??) was promised leniency for her convicted boyfriend in exchange for her cooperation with the D.A.’s Office).

    My purpose for placing this long-winded tutorial here is multi-fold. Mostly, it is to show that “the fix is in” corruption is not new, but at least some of its battles can be won by diligence and exposure.

    Most of the press photos were shot after the pickup truck was towed away from the Cadillac. Were those the basis for Golub’s testimony that the vehicles came to rest apart from each other? Was he even there at the time of the crash? If Golub detected thr reek of alcohol, he must have been watching “smell-o-vision.”

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