It’s Never Too Late To Come Forward For Truth and Justice

The accident involving Senator James Rhoades, Mr. Senavitis and Yamila Yafar was on October 17, 2008 at around 6:30pm which was a Friday evening on SR 209 a heavily traveled 2 lane roadway with a small bridge in front of the Beachwood Inn, a bar and grill. 

In the Fern Ridge State Police Crash Report signed and sworn to by Trooper Officer Jason Beers is states for all three units involved “Trailing Units NONE”.   Yet one of the witnesses they have who claimes to be able to see whose tires crossed the yellow lines and whose did not was two car behind Senator James Rhoades. 

There are also several other witnesses whom spoke up about is and quickly changed to they don’t want to get involved, this is what subpoenaes are for. 

In news articles they state that the Chef of the Beechwood Inn heard the crash, told the owner there was a serious accident out front and them along with the patrons  in the Beechwood Inn were stuck there while rescue and removal was done and that they saw and watched what was going on.   They are all obvious witnesses to the resting spot of the vehicles and where the truck was moved to for rescue of Mrs. Edith Rhoades to the double yellow lines.

Although the Crash Reports states no trailing units they have a witness traveling northbound 2 cars behind Senator James Rhoades.  

Those who  know this stretch of roadway know how busy it is and on a Friday at 6:30 pm in the evening there obviously were alot of vehicles trailing behind all Units being witness to the accident itself and the final resting spot of the vehicles before they were moved. 

I know if this happened to you, you would want people to come forward.  It seems people these days just don’t want to get involved but for truth and justice should in any case no matter how big or small, how little you think the information you have is, it all helps in the end. 

Stand together and don’t let others hang for something they shouldn’t.  GOD BLESS ALL



Unit l Front End View

Unit l Front End View

In the Police Report done by Fern Ridge State Police, Trooper Jason Beers, and Corporal Douglas Shook of the Pennsylvania CARS Unit, Unit l the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis impact head on with Unit 2 which was the Cadillac driven by Senator James Rhoades and the damage the Unit l was note as severe front end damage. 

Driver Side fo Unit l

Driver Side of Unit l

Driver's Side of Unit l

Driver's Side of Unit l

The impact  to the driver’s side front end of Unit l was so severe that it crumbled and even note the fold in the back corner of the extended cab.    This vehicle was completely totaled in everyway even snapping the driveshaft in half and shoving the tranmission up pushing into the cab of the vehicle.   Understand the damages to all units involved is very important as to what happened.   See Unit 2.