When you think such much has gone wrong, and feel nothing else could possibly be put upon you, it will. It is a never ending hole for me right now but all the weight being placed upon me has been eye opening experiences to things that unimaginable.

A message that keeps being repeated to me is that God wouldn’t give you more than you can carry and everything is for a reason.

I think of this every time something new occurs in my life. I am telling this because last night January 7, 2010 my son went grocery shopping with me, no big deal right? Well it ended up to be a very bid deal.

My vehicle was parked in the first spot in front of the store with a security guard on duty outside. His vehicle parked three vehicles away, surveillance cameras outside the store.

After we loaded the grocery and started pulling away I could feel something was wrong. I told my son someone was in the car. With that I found it was broken into and my life line was stolen from the floor of the back seat. When I say life line I do mean it literally as I never go anywhere without a large backpack with everything vital to me and my health.

Without going into detail about what happened from there, dealing with the store and police on this, I would rather like to bring up the heart warming part of this as I have been fighting to get the word out to people we need to stand together for justice and a stronger world.

Devisated over once another loss I received a phone call in the morning from a gentlemen from the American Legion on Route 209 in Broadheadsville. It seems the perpetrator/s pulled in there going through my bag that night dropping out four items, a photo, a filled prescription, a discount card and an appointment card.

This was being observed by a patron who inturn took it upon himself to get all the vehicle information possible, collect my items and find my contact information with those peices and call me.

The kindness of this patron and the American Legion meant so much more to me that in dealing with my next steps seemed smaller and worth while as this day brought me faith in people again as I had been losing that and it is not a good feeling to have.

To the American Legion and patron I thank you from the bottom of my heart, GOD BLESS.

Mrs. S


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