Subject: Why Won’t Things Change at Home and Across the Nation?

I’ve witnessed illegal acts by corrupt Republican and Democratic officials, elected and appointed, for over thirty years. They share guilt equally, so they tolerate each others’ political crimes. Their respective political messages, platform planks and campaign rhetoric vary sharply, but their actions and tactics are surprisingly similar. Despite their mutual rhetoric that the ‘other party’ is political poison, Democrats have no more problem with Republicans appearing on their own Democratic Party Primary Ballot than Republicans have with Democrats appearing on their own Republican Party Primary Ballot. Whenever independent and third-party citizens try to run for office in the November election, Democrat and Republican officials unite to enact laws to block their candidacies, and sue them off the ballot. Thus independents are forced to expend all their time, effort and money fighting ballot access lawsuits, rather than using their resources to get their messages out.

As most Pennsylvanians seem to agree, for decades we have been conducting elections, going from Republican leadership to Democratic leadership to Republican leadership to Democratic leadership, ad infinitum, but little of substance changes.

I do not suggest all officials are corrupt, only that they cannot solve problems when the only thing they do well together is to share political power by denying it to anybody else, thus serving themselves rather than us. The oath they take to hold public office requires them to OBEY the Constitution of Pennsylvania, the employment contract WE THE CITIZENS have ratified. If they disobey it, they lose the right to keep their jobs.

We saw it in the pay raise debacle, done in the middle of the night. We saw it in the slots parlor legislation, also shoved through unconstitutionally in the dark of night. We see it in all the public officials (administrators, lawmakers, prosecutors and judges) indicted for crimes in office. We see it in the arrest and jailing without trial of a citizen whose crime was not dying of the critical injuries he sustained when struck by a drunken, but politically powerful, state senator. We see it in the trumped-up charges against his wife, on trial for her freedom this week in neighboring Carbon County. We see it in the health care insurance legislation being shoved down Americans’ throat, written for the benefit of the insurance and pharamaceutical industries without serious consultation with licensed physicians, who are under oath to do no harm.

The U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives and the White House have become wholly-owned subsidiaries of those who fund their election campaigns. Who funds their election campaigns? You can learn the identities and occupations of many donors by visiting http://www.fec.gov which is the website of the Federal Election Commission.

The President must nominate, and the U.S. Senate must confirm, the lifetime appointments of all federal judges. Whose interests do you think those judges are most likely to be watching out for, if they have any interest in advancing their careers? Yours?

Psychology 101 defines INSANITY as:

“Doing the same thing, the same way, over and over, forever, but expecting a different result each time.”

Writer Mel Kaplan


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