I would love to be able to tell you how not to be a victim, but the truth is, we are all victims in one way or another.    We are the victims of the everyday cover-ups, conspiracies and the corruption going on by the “bigwigs”.   The chain reaction of lies and deception trickling down sucking up many officials with them, then we become their victims.  I would like to discuss with you one of these situations if I may. 

On what started out to be a beautiful day on October 17, 2008, Mr. T. Senavitis had gone to work to pick up his pay check.  Mr. Senavitis traveling southbound to return home from cashing his check PA State Senator James Rhoades traveling northbound on Route 209 with his wife Edith Rhoades shot over into the southbound lane slamming into Mr. Senavitis.   The proof is there that the pick up truck Mr. Senavitis was driving at no time before or during the accident left it’s lane of travel.

Supposedly pulled off the shoulder of the northbound lane was a mini van driven by Yamila Yafar who pulled over on a bridge to use her cell phone.  Who could be so reckless and neglectful for human life to pull over on a narrow bridge for a phone call with her own child in the vehicle?   Not cited for any traffic violations or for playing a role in the accident, Ms. Yamila Yafar is free and clear.  What does the evidence show?  Glad you asked, the evidence shows Ms. Yamila Yafar was still in the northbound lane by approximately 5 feet when she was impacted by Senator Rhoades’ Cadillac.  Was she in the midst of pulling over or pulling onto the road way?  Did she see Senator Rhoades car speeding up behind her and get scared and started to go over?    One way to get a little better picture of this would be to get her cell phone records as the claim is she was on the phone at time of impact and quickly hung up to call 911. 

The only conclusive evidence shows absolutely that the pick up truck never crossed lanes but the questions that remain are exactly where Yamila Yafar was on the roadway.  It is a fact her story of the entire incident and her role in it is definitely being used by the Rhoades family, prosecution, The Commonwealth of PA which is we the people to help keep the guilt of this tragedy off Mr. Rhoades for tring to pass Yamila Yafar who was not off the roadway completely and whom was apparently accellerating back into the northbound lane

To put it all together Yamila Yafar set up this situation and Senator James Rhoades neglectfully went around her without caring about the on coming traffic in the other lane.   

As the only one having no part in the cause of this accident and just a no-body he is charged with over 16 counts including vehicle homicide and falsely imprisoned since June l, 2009.   Trial is schedule January 2010 where they intend to crucify him even with the material evidence of his vehicle never leaving its lane and Mr. Senavitis playing no role in what became a devastating accident.   

This could be anyone at anytime finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.   A thought to think on.


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  1. junior said,

    March 13, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    The black caddy was driving around 35 mph on the NBL and not 21 mph as stated from a prosecution witness.

    The driver of the minivan pulled over on the NBL shoulder around 15 feet before entering the bridge. Seconds later she slowly drove forward and tried to enter the NBL (209 North). The black caddy had no choice but to enter the SBL to avoid hitting her. Boom, theres your accident.

    And that young girl (the driver of the minivan) testified that she pulled over and put the her minivan in park, put her interior light on answered her cell phone and gave her child the pacifier while on the bridge. I wonder if she was edged to make this statement as she fully knows that she pulled over directly in line with the front entrance door of the Beech Wood Inn putting the minivan before the bridge entrance and performed those\her tasks. The minivan driver only stopped on the bridge shoulder lane after she caused the black caddy to enter the southbound lane to avoid hitting her.

    Eric Golab, was not able to open the driver and passenger side doors to assist Senavitis as he stated because these doors could not be open at the time the cars rested. I wonder how he can say “He smelled like a brewery.”

    The Senavitis truck was on the SBL and never crossed over to the NBL.

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