On October 17, 2008 in Gilbert, PA just around 6:30 was a tragic motor vehicle accident involving a high profile Senator, this Senator was James J. Rhoades who passed away due to his injuries the next morning.
Mr. Senavitis was eventually arrested for vehicular homicide while DUI over 4 times the legal limit as well as over a dozen other charges.

ADA Colleen Mancuso prosecuted this case in trial on March 10, 2010 whereas in the questioning of the Commonwealth’s witness, Corporal Douglas Shook, he was questioned on the whereabouts and inspection of the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis.

In the court documents Corporal Shook testifies that a search warrant was obtained and an inspection of the vehicle was done by him on Halloween of 2008.

The inspection entails documenting and photographing damage points of the vehicle and an actual state inspection.

The search warrant also enables them to go inside the vehicles to inspect and gather evidence.
Direct from the trial:

Ms. Mancuso “Did you find anything unusual on the inside of the vehicle?”

Corporal Shook “The only thing that was surprising to me is there was actually still an odor of an alcoholic beverage inside the passenger compartment.

Ms. Mancuso “Was there anything else?”

Corporal Shook “There were beers cans in there. That is not necessarily uncommon with the crashes I get called out for. The odor of the alcoholic beverages still being in there was surprising. Usually it dissipates by then.”

PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE Supplemental Investigation Report:

Now, on February 17, 2010 (23 days before trial), this Trooper (Jason Beers) executed a search warrant on the truck that was operated by SENAVITIS. Four(4) empty twelve(12) ounce cans of BUSCH beer were recovered from the passenger compartment of the truck and placed into evidence under property number N3-4982(M).
It’s clearly documented and testified to that the pickup truck driven by Mr. Senavitis was inspected with a fine tooth comb on Halloween of 2008 with an obtained search warrant and the state police document everything about that vehicle and photographed it vehicle inside and out.

I believe it is protocol to photograph evidence in its found location before moving it for proper documentation.

Then they get another search warrant 23 days before trial on February 17, 2010 and this is when they come up with these cans of beer to bring up into evidence.

Upon receipt of this new discovery by defense and brought to Mr. Senavitis’ attention he informed defense counsel there were no beer cans in the cab of his truck and he needed to review that evidence for born on dates that the cans document.

Needless to say prosecution made sure these cans of beer in the cab of the truck were brought up in the trial, but the physical evidence of these cans were never viewed.

Why weren’t they found and photographed in their complete inspection of the pickup truck Halloween of 2008?
If they were there then I am sure there would have been several other initial charges on Mr. Senavitis in their scramble for charging this man for as much as they could to make him seem guilty.

Mr. Senavitis’ family reviewed the pickup and photographs the entire vehicle the day after the accident October 18, 2008 and there are no beer cans in any of their photos.

And, even though the Rhoades family and the court has been portraying them to be dumb rednecks I am sure if there were cans at the time the family inspected the vehicle and got personal items out they would have been smart enough to take out any beer cans. They didn’t because there wasn’t any.

To see full stream of photos by the Senavitis family go to:




Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08

Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08


This is the image that kept being put out for all to see stating how Mr. Senavitis crossed the double yellow line and truck the Cadillac Driven by Senator J. Rhoades. This photo was taken after the pick-up truck was removed from the front passenger side of the Cadillac were it rested against the passenger door and placed straddling the double yellow.

In this photo the pick-up driven by Mr. Senavitis is still resting against the passenger door of the Cadillac in the southbound lane which was Mr. Senavitis lane of travel. The entire front of the Cadillac is in the southbound lane of travel where the initial impact also occured. So there is no misunderstanding, the vehicle in main view on the right in this shot is the emergency vehicle, but as you take a closer look of the photo you will see the passenger side mirror. Look at the black bug guard across the front of the hood you will see it.
This photo is looking up the northbound lane of travel which the Cadillac was traveling as well as Yamila Yafar. The minivan driven by Yamila Yafar was the obstruction in the northbound lane in which caused the Cadillac to shot over to the southbound lane to avoid it. This minivan and Yamila Yafar are on the right of this photo, please make note this is not where her vehicle was at the time of accident.

As this is before the pick-up and Cadillac were moved let me direct you to the pick up. Take a look at the steam arising from the vehicles. You can see that it is actually coming from the truck which is in the front side of the Cadillac just in front of the emergency vehicle. The only clear part you can see is the cab roof of the pick-up.

Another very clear piece of evidence here that has completely disappeared is the hood of the Cadillac, I will explain and this is very important. Note the twist in the hood, the driver’s side is completely straight with no impact dent and lifted in the air several feet. When you follow the front of the hood this is also straight with no sufficient dents also looking pretty straight other than the angle it is twist to which is downward on the passenger side.

This will tell us that this was not a head on collision nor was the contact driver’s side to driver’s side but in fact the accident occurred as the Cadillac went into the oncoming lane at about a 10:00 angle which also is proof as this angle is what made the Cadillac turn counter clockwise and end up in the direction it did. As the pick-up was in it’s lane and traveling straight it held it position of travel staying straight.

Everyone in these photos or who seen these vehicle as this point before they were moved are called witnesses. Pa State Trooper Jason Beers indicated on stand he had gotten to the scene after the vehicles were moved and he did not have his car cam on nor did he get photos. He also indicated he knew of no photos that were taken before the vehicles were moved as they the truck had to be moved immediately for rescue of the passenger of the Cadillac as they rested together.  



Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08

Pocono Record Photo Taken of Accident Scene on 10-17-08

These photo were taken 10-18-08 as the investigation of the accident was taking place.  The top photo is the Sorthbound lane of travel which is the lane of travel Mr. Senavitis was in and going.  As stated in the Police Report the accident took place in the Nouthbound lane of Senator James Rhoades.  Clearly shown to them during their investation everything is in the Southbound lane including the marks of the resting point of the vehicles.  You must note that the marks of fluid on the double yellow lines is where the pick-up truck driven by Mr. Senavitis was pulled to at the scene for extraction/rescue of Mrs. Edith Rhoades as the truck was resting on the passenger front side and door at final hault of movement.

Bottom photo is the Northbound lane of travel which was the lane of travel Mr. Rhoades was supposed to be in as he was traveling Northbound.  Quit noticeable to anyone there are no marks showing anything happened in the Nouthbound lane as the State Police Report, it was all in Mr. Senavitis’ Southbound lane of travel.

Both photos also give you a good picture of the bridge and shoulder area which which Yamila Yafar was pulled over in to use her cell phone.

"Southbound Lane of Travel"



View from/of Northbound lane



As of this day we must all bond together in an effort to make County, State and Federal Government accountable for their cover-ups, corruption and conspiracies. This is way past due. We, as the people have the right to protect ourselves from them and their actions. There has been too much for too long and I know myself that I have been ignorant to it all until seeing first hand and having it thrown into my lap. We all play a role in this as well, as they are pulling the strings to control us and our future right under our noses. Their goals are to profit and benefit themselves and their families. There is no better time then now for us all to open our eyes. We need to get the bad apples from the barrel and discard them before they rout the rest. We can do it and we must. Let’s get the clean up going to get our country back on the right track!

Where did Liberty and Justice for All go?

Every man has equal rights, do you think so?

Do you know who the bad apples are?

Are you or someone you know being unjustly crucified?

Are you knowledgeable of something bothering your conscious?

If you can help with the corruption clean up you need to speak out. As more and more speak out our strength will grow no longer making us just anybody because We Are The People. This is our country not just theirs.

We The People

When injustices are being plagued upon “We The People”  all should be knowledgeable of such information.  “ We The People” vote and put into offices individuals we trust, expect to be honest, true to their words and to protect all with fairness and equality.  It seems these days the brotherhood of government employees protects each other to any extent and at any cost to “We The People”.  These individuals feel that because they are appointed to protect the law, they are the law.  They do what ever it takes to protect each other from having their great names tarnished and keep each other out of the troubles they are in.  Only, they are building a pyramid of conspirators, a work of art called “Government Corruption” something we have been hearing a lot lately.  Sooner than later this pyramid will tumble and “We The People” will be responsible to re-build the government.  Hopefully it will be built with true, good, honest people.  Until this time we, must stand together and not participate in their cover-ups, letting them know, we are not blind but in fact our eyes are wide open.